back to article Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

If you've got a winning, hugely popular formula, you don't dick around with it, right? Star Wars creator George Lucas may have forgotten what made the first three movies so good - character, as well as effects and story - when he started work on the prequels, but the latest addition to the Lego Star Wars franchise, this time …


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  1. lansalot

    a shame

    I played all the previous Lego games (bar Harry Potter) with my 12yo daughter. We've been playing them since the first Lego Star Wars came out on the 360 (about 3 years ago). They've always been intuitive and very well put together, a good family game.

    We sat down to this, really looking forward to it. Both of us actually find it quite confusing at times, and we're very well-versed in the lego games having completed everything in SW, Indiana Jones etc.

    She's given up on it totally after the first couple of levels (those major battle scenes are just a confusing mess) claiming she has no idea what's going on, where she is, what she's supposed to be doing or what's happening. And as a seasoned gamer (but one who sadly paid for it), I'm not that far behind her.

    A shame. Something just isn't right here, it doesn't play as well as the others do. So, back to finishing off Lego Batman it is then !

    6/10 from me.

  2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    Interesting review. Take a look at this too...

    Free. Slightly clunky user interface, but it's bearable, and quite a surprising find if you were never aware of its existence.

    Different strokes for different folks, of course, but if you're an old fart who plays / used to play with lego, this might just hit the spot.

    1. Code Monkey
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      Thumbs Up

      The interface is, as you say, clunky but I've wasted many happy hours on this. I love it!

      Definitely one for the old farts like us who remember making things out of proper blocks. If only 7-year-old me had had the infinite bucket-o-blocks you get with LDD.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    How can you give this 85% when you on give Black Ops / Crysis2 etc etc X%

    Oh you mean you reviewed as a GAME i.e. how much FUN it is.


  4. deshepherd

    2-player mode

    My 11-yr-old son has the PS3 version and he and his 15-yr-old brother have been playing it in two player mode ... I think there's a major upgrade here in that unlike the previous versions where the two characters could not move off the same screen (or, worse, one character could cause screen to scroll and other character would get pushed in same direction by opposite screen edge and as a result fall off a ledge - cue major inter-sibbling squabble) now it seems to cope with split screen + its a dynamic split screen which can rotate from left/right through above/below to right/left as the two characters move there relative posiitons around - looked quite clever the way it worked + the way the split moves was also very reminiscent of the scene cuts in the original SW films!

    N.b. I suspect that if (like my son) you've seen every episode of SW:TCW several times then the game may make a lot more sense!

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Split screen...

      ...has been in previous Lego games, Harry Potter for example, and you're right it makes things so much better!

      My sons copy arrived this morning. We have played all the Lego games together and Iwe really enjoy the co-op gameplay. It's a shame there aren't many co-op games out there that really work this well...

  5. Zolko Silver badge
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    does it exist on PS2 ?

    does-it ?

  6. Myopic Aardvark

    Wife & I...

    Have been playing the Lego games since they first emerged.

    Got a bit confused this time around when the RTS elements popped up.

    Turns out that we should have went down Dooku's path first, rather than Grievous', as that was where TT had placed all the tutorials.

    Once we'd figured that out though, the game turned out to be fun. I could happily do without the RTS elements though.

    Lego Pirates to look forward to next month, followed by Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 later in the year (around the time of the DVD release of the last movie, I'd reckon.)

    Still waiting for my Lego Justice League or Lego James Bond though... :(

  7. Lottie


    but it looks like the simple "pick up and play for 5 mins" feel has been lost. I loved the way you could dip in and out of the older lego games. Adding RTS elements seems a bit off to me.

    Anyway, did anyone else think that in the context of Lego, Kit Fisto sounded like a porn name?

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