back to article FCC considers mandatory data roaming across the USA

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is voting today on extending its mandatory intracountry roaming to data services, but when operators can just extend negotiations forever it hardly seems worth it. Intracountry roaming – allowing a phone to connect to another network when out of the home network's coverage – has …


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  1. Bernard Mergendeiler

    It's Llewes, Delaware.

    If it looks a bit Welsh, it probably is. There are lots of Welsh place names in the area, especially around Philadelphia to the northeast.

    1. Tom 38 Silver badge

      Or not

      Seeing as Lewes, Delaware is in Sussex County, I would have thought it is probably named after the town of Lewes, in Sussex, England.

  2. david wilson

    Marginal areas?

    >>", but if all networks had the same coverage map, there would be no incentive to push into the far corners where there aren't enough people to make providing service profitable."

    While mandatory roaming might make it harder for networks to differentiate on coverage (though surely that depends on any price difference for roaming vs. home network?), surely if someone is considering extending coverage to an area not covered by anyone else, if there *is* the possibility of people roaming, that's potentially *more* traffic for a given transmitter?

  3. poltrup

    Um - Just One "L"

    Those of us in close proximity (roughly 40 miles) - tend to spell it with one "L". But yeah - caught that too and had to scratch my head... "Hun?!?! Where the heck is Lewis?" "Really?? We've been to Lewes tons of times!" "No not Lewes!! L-e-w-i-s"

    And honestly... Lewes has it good. There are still parts of the peninsula that have *no* coverage.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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