back to article Dell offers prefabricated chunks-o-cloud

Do you build your own PC from a box of parts when you order that PC from Dell? Of course not. So why should you have to build your own cluster when you want to do server virtualization on Dell PowerEdge servers? The payoffs for server virtualization are that it makes the management of servers easier and drives up the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    VMware vSphere Hypervisor is based on VMware ESXi = Free

    "There are two vStart setups start, which are configurations designed to support 100 or 200 guest slices running atop VMware's ESXi 4.1 hypervisor. This is the freebie version of the hypervisor from VMware; "

    Facts: VMware vSphere Hypervisor is based on VMware ESXi and is Free.

    ESXi is not Free.

    "the machines are also configured with a trial version of the vSphere Enterprise stack, which includes VMotion virtual machine live migration, high availability failover, load balancing, server power management, and other key features that make server virtualization useful."

    Standard installation of vCenter enables those features for 60 days.

  2. phuzz Silver badge
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    Actually, this is a decent idea...If a bit late for us, and slightly over spec'ed for our needs, but otherwise just what we were looking for 6 months ago.

    (although couldn't you have found a better picture for the article, that one must have all of 6 colours)

  3. M. B.
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    I've been building stacks for remote offices using the EqualLogic PS4000X and PowerEdge R610 servers with the R210 acting as management station for some time now, running vSphere Essentials Plus. So if you DID want to buy a smaller stack (for 30 - 50 or so VMs) than what's offered here (with a pair of PowerConnect 5424's configured using Dell's pre-made scripts for EqualLogic arrays), that's your choice, and yeah, they work very well!

    My only complaint is the amount of storage, the 65xx series would be a better choice for 100 and 200 VM's as the EqualLogic arrays use large block sizes for snapshots. Might as well use all the features to their fullest.

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