back to article Israel mulls creation of elite counter-cyberterrorist unit

Israel is mulling the creation of a counter-cyberterrorism unit designed to safeguard both government agencies and core private sector firms against hacking attacks. The proposed unit would supplement the efforts of Mossad and other agencies in fighting cyberespionage and denial of service attacks. Israel is, of course, a …


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  1. lawndart


    Will they be calling the organization Jen-and-Roy-and-Moss-ad?

    1. Crofty616
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      It took me a second, but good show sir ;)

  2. Sir Runcible Spoon


    He who controls the internet, controls the universe

  3. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Money injections from Washington enable fox to guard henhouse.

    "The proposed unit would supplement the efforts of Mossad and other agencies in fighting cyberespionage".

    In the same league: Mobsters setting up a shop to fight break-ins, extortion and prostitution.

  4. James Woods


    Israel can't defend itself from those vocal about their end and they are going to become the cyber police?

    I guess it's more politically correct.

    Let's hope they avoid offending those of other religions.

    What a joke.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Anonymous Coward

    cost of defending against cyberespionage?

    > The UK government last year earmarked £650m over the next four years to tackle cyberthreats ..

    I could give them the loan of my bootable USB device, it only cost me twelve quid (£12) ..

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Why do I have this foreboding....

    That this is going to end up with the Mossad blowing away some guy who has been illegally downloading klezmer???

    I for one welcome our trigger-happy Hebrew internet overlords!!

  8. mhenriday
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    I do love the manner in which the English language is developing -

    espionage is called «counter-espionage», cyber espionage is called «counter-cyberespionage», terrorism is called «counter-terrorism», cyber terrorism is called «counter-cyberterrorism», etc, etc. Eric Arthur Blair, to whom we owe the insight that War is Peace - demonstrated daily in our «responsibility to protect» interventions throughout the world - would be proud !...


  9. Tony Paulazzo

    I'm confused

    >Israel is rumoured to have collaborated with the US<

    I thought they were one and the same.

    Simple way to protect infrastructure, disconnect it from the Internet, it's usually just a cable, sometimes yellow. That'll be £650 million please.

    1. asdf

      not as much

      Since Israel took the opportunity to commit obvious war crimes while we had a turn over in leadership in the US as well as the unapologetic settlement activity, much of the goodwill sympathy received after 9/11 is gone. Many Americans look at Israel as our North Korea rogue buddy who does little for us but make the rest of the world angry at us. We would cut the cord but there are more jews in America than in Israel and they have some real political power here.

  10. YumDogfood

    Darwin's Fix++

    ...and the site hosting the source of the automatic updates

    ...and each package source code

    ...and the developer with either a gun to their heads, or an agenda



    End to end security for everything. Who do you trust?

    I'm off for my Friday pint, not sure whats in the pint, it might be mind control drugs or GM water, you never know! *wibble*

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