back to article EMC gets fat and flashy with Greenplum appliances

For one brief shining moment, when it bought Data General a zillion years ago, EMC was a server maker, and last year's acquisition of Greenplum makes it a server vendor (of sorts) once again. More like a data analytics systems integrator, but let's not split hairs. The original Data Computing Appliance, or DCA, was based on …


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  1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Gimme that job!

    Seriously, I want the job where you think up the names for these devices. It seems any jobsworth can work for a vendor, take some form of halucinatory substance, and then think of a name for a product. You either end up with some rediculous, dozen-word, non-descriptive title (anything marketed by hp), or something Charlie-induced like "Green Plum"! They get paid for that?

  2. Kebabbert

    Still ZFS?

    Does greenplum still use ZFS?

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