back to article Wannabe baby-kisser lies on political honesty phone-in

A Derby council wannabe's political career got off to a promising start when he lied on a radio phone-in about honesty in politics. Ashley Waterhouse, Tory candidate for the city's Normanton ward, got on the blower to Radio Derby's breakfast show yesterday to "back calls for election candidates to face more rigorous screening …


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  1. Richard IV
    Big Brother


    As the original BBC story implies, the reason they had his number was that he'd phoned in as himself from the same phone and been told he couldn't take part in the phone-in _because_ he was an election candidate (presumably because then they'd have to have all the other candidates phone in as well).

    Well done to the local chairman on recognising that if lying is the only way to get your point across then it's perfectly OK!

    Orwell, because only under Newspeak is this true.

  2. nichomach

    Wait, what?

    "I think it was a genuine mistake, I don't think it was deceit and lies. I just think he wanted to get his point over and I think it was the only way he could see to do it."

    Other than, I don't know, calling under his real name, declaring that he was standing (because bluntly that's hardly going to stop them talking to him; rather the reverse in many cases) and leading by example in offering to have his background screened?

    He phoned in under a false name and when called back on the same number managed to deny himself a Peter-ific three times (though there's no mention of a cock crowing, just one from the Conservative Association with a statement...). Unless he's been diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder or has suffered some sort of schizoid break, I think it may be assumed that in the first instance he knew he wasn't called Paul and in the sceond that he recalled making the call. I'd be delighted to hear Mr. Bailey's explanation of how that could possibly not be "lies and deceit".

  3. Sabine Miehlbradt

    Did i get that right?

    "I don't think it was deceit and lies. I just think he wanted to get his point over and I think it was the only way he could see to do it."

    It's not a lie - he was just telling a fibber because he felt it was right?

    Politicians really are living in a world of their own, are they? Most of us get past that stage by the time we enter school.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    here's another politician joke

    How can you tell if a politician has phoned into your radio show?

    Because they're too thick to obscure their caller-id.

    Then they lie repeatedly when you challenge them.

    Then they're elected. Joke's on us.

  5. Roger Varley

    A genuine mistake ....

    "I think it was a genuine mistake, I don't think it was deceit and lies. I just think he wanted to get his point over and I think it was the only way he could see to do it."


    BBC: Before you make broadcastable comments, are you standing for election?

    Waterhouse: No.

    Seems pretty clear cut already to me without a further three denials.

    Yet another example of one law for us and another law for them.

  6. Blofeld's Cat

    Well, well, well

    A politician lying, and then denying it when he was caught out.

    Whoever would have thought it?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I think the real surprise... he wasn't a LibDem...

      1. Chad H.

        Lib dem, conservative..,

        What's the difference now anyways?

  7. Duncan Hothersall

    No, no deceit here, move along now

    I was driving through the Kings Cross area when I stopped to offer a lift to a young constituent, etc.

  8. Steve Evans


    "I don't think it was deceit and lies"...

    So pretending to be someone else is not deceit, and then answering the phone and denying it was Ashley pretending to be Paul wasn't lying?

    I must get a copy of this politicians dictionary because my OED seems to be totally out of step.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Leave him alone

    Ashley Waterhouse wouldn't lie, he's good people.

    1. Chris Parsons Bronze badge

      Why do I need a title to reply to a post?

      "good people" - so there's more than one of him, then?

  10. Jim Morrow

    retards r us

    wtf? it's to be expected politicians lie. the surprise is how dumb this guy is. calling a radio phone-in from your own phone and claiming to be someone else is just too stupid for words.

    this was a remarkably stupid stunt. (and so's he for trying it). he's even more stupid for thinking he could lie his way out of it. bit his political masters are even more stupid again for appointing this moron as a candidate. it says a lot when they can only find something with less intelligence than a goldfish to stand for election.

    i wonder if this cretin gets elected. voters are usually much more stupid than the numpties they elect.

  11. LinkOfHyrule


    Time wasting arse-head tory.

  12. TeeCee Gold badge

    Genuine mistake?

    That could only possibly be true if he had temporarily forgotten who he really was.

    I suppose it must be the Charles Kennedy effect that's made "completely wankered while speaking in public" acceptable for politicians while "lying bastard" remains beyond the pale....

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Prime example of doing it wrong.

    Everyone knows you employ your spouse to do the phone ins / newspaper letters, /even/ Jaqui Smith knew that!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    the best lessons in honesty are the most embarrassing

    But given his relative youth we can hope he will learn from it to become more honest in future. I say this as someone who has stood for local council seats for a different political party. Some of the best lessons in life are the best because they are the most painful and embarrassing. St Peter lied 3 times about his affiliations very publicly and embarrassingly as well, and then learned and went on to greater things so Ashley's in good company.

  15. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    What a flipping plank!

    'Nuff said!

  16. Ally J
    Paris Hilton

    Resignation not accepted?

    Someone who knows the relevant legislation better than me can probably help - but has the closing date for nominations of candidates passed? If so, the local Tories may have taken the view that a flawed candidate is better than no candidate at all.

    Still a knob, though.

  17. gef05


    I don't know anything about Waterhouse, but that Paul from Normanton has Tory politician written all over him.

  18. John Dougald McCallum

    Lying politician

    well well well i'll be blowed if the good people of the Normanton ward in Derby vote for this idiot they will deserve every thing that they will_ not _get.

  19. James O'Shea

    How can you tell when a politician is less than honest?

    Are his/her lips moving? Or, perhaps, did s/he write something down?

    If you assume that everything shat out by a pol is a lie, you may be shown to be incorrect once in a while. Once in a great while.

  20. fLaMePrOoF

    No surprise...

    The Tories are all a bunch of useless sock puppets anyway.

  21. Simon B

    Phil Bailey shut up

    Phil Bailey, said: "I think it was a genuine mistake, I don't think it was deceit and lies. I just think he wanted to get his point over and I think it was the only way he could see to do it.".

    Err NO! the OTHER way was for Ashley Waterhouse to say who he REALLY was, not LIE with a fake name, and exactly the same things he said under his FAKE name, not fucking rocket science Phil Bailey. 2 twats in the same bed.

  22. Winkypop Silver badge

    Paul from Normanton...


    I'm, Paul from Normanton!

    1. tony2heads
      Thumb Up

      No I'm Paul from Normanton

      get this Spartacus thing going in Derby

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    When will they learn?

    A LYING TORY? Never!

    1. Steve Evans

      Re: When will they learn?

      A lying politician? NEVER!

  24. Peter Mc Aulay

    The genuine mistake

    ...was getting caught, as any politician knows.

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