back to article SGI Virident catches up with Fusion-io

SGI is pairing up with Virident flash cards to offer a 1U, one million IOPS server with just two flash cards instead of the eight needed by Fusion-io. Virident supplies tachIOn PCIe-connected flash cards and two of them are used in a 1U SGI Rackable C1103 server to deliver 1 million IOPS at a cost of less than $0.05/IOPS. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    This story is a bit misleading. I just saw an I/O Drive Octal at the Brighton MS SQL show and it's just one card. I understand it has 8 modules but the Virident card has 20 modules. I assume the Virident card comes default as one volume. Unlike the Fusion I/O card which I was told comes default as different volumes so we can decide what to RAID together. So other than different default settings the facts are that the Octal gets to 1 million IOPS from a single PCIe slot and Virident takes two PCIe slots.

    Not picking sides here just trying to clarify what seems to be a confusing and possibly misleading story.

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