back to article Official: PS3 has more fanboys than the Xbox 360 does

There are now more Playstation 3s out there than Xbox 360s, it has been claimed. Market watcher Strategy Analytics said the Sony console's installed base hit 43.4m units worldwide at the end of 2010, just ahead of the 360's total, 42.9m. That puts Sony a little over one percentage point ahead, and it's still well behind the …


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  1. Rob Haswell


    Out of all of my mates, dozens of them own Xbox 360s yet I'm only one of two people that has a PS3. I'm so surprised that the PS3 does so well, even outside of Japan, considering the 360's near total dominance amongst my circle of friends. What about other parts in the UK - has had a different experience?

    1. Dave 62


      same here!

      It's a PITA not being able to race my IRL friends on GT, but they'd suck anyway being 360 fanbois who play.. idk.. halo or whatever.. and pay for their internet access twice and don't have any real racing games.

    2. squilookle

      Xboxes are more popular in my circle of friends too...

      although I do know four people that have a PS3. I have a 360 and a Wii.

      So long as they keep the (good) games coming for the 360 for at least a couple more years, I don't really care which is more popular.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Sorry, no

      I only know one person who owns a PS3, but he mostly uses it for Bluray playback, as he owns a 360 too, and multi-platform games are usually nicer on there. Platform exclusives like Killzone (le yawn) get a bit of play though, and he does like the LBP games.

      Anyway.. maybe the answer to your bewilderment is that there is one really rabid belgian who owns MILLIONS of the things, and always turns up on forums ranting about anything non-PS3. Give it a few minutes, and I am sure we will see one of his aliases here. Tinfoil hats on.

      (Fair disclosure, I will end up buying one for the boxed set of The Last Guardian with hi rez versions of Shadow Of The Colossus and Ico, though... the first "must-have" platform exclusive release.. gonna be awesome :D)

      1. MJI Silver badge

        I know quite a few PS3 owners

        Most of them are / were PS2 owners however.

        However children games, two of mine LOVE Little Big Planet, favourite game ever. The others favourite game is the same as mine, Uncharted 2.

      2. MJI Silver badge

        Must Haves

        I would have thought that Uncharted 2 would have done that, definately my favourite video game ever so far.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Everyone I know who has a PS3 is using it almost exclusively as a Blu-Ray player because they feel they've been stiffed by Sony. The games are frequently more expensive than those on the 360 and rarely as good featuring cruddy frame rates and murky textures. I don't think I've bought a game for mine in nearly a year.

    4. Annihilator

      re: Amazing

      The flaw in the sampling/anecdotal evidence is that groups of friends are likely to buy what their friends have based on either experience of similar gaming interests. By contrast, the majority of my friends own PS3s like me (one even traded his XBox 360 in to join us).

      It's no real surprise. We're all consciously or unconsciously basing our decisions on peer pressure to some extent.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        How about a more neutral viewpoint.

        Working on the games counter at HMV over christmas, my experience was that 360 games massively outsold ps3 ones. However, that does limit the view to a single (struggling) highstreet store... online sales with the likes of could be different.

        Of course, DS titles outsold all of them by an even higher margin >.<

        1. Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

          Foul play!

          How very dare you try to bring an unbiased viewpoint to a PS3 vs 360 thread, fanbois and trolls only don-cha-know?

  2. Daniel 43


    Expect 360 sales to go up and possibly overtake PS3 in tiem to come due to kinect

    1. The Original Ash

      Who needs a 360?

      I'd buy a Kinect to use with my PC. No console required.

      1. Dave 62


        for use with google motion?

    2. DrXym


      Kinect has had its day in the sun. I expect most of those controllers are gathering dust right now.

    3. Michael C

      not happening

      Kinect had an initial boom, but Move is gaining speed and PS3 is still outselling the 360 either way.

      We have the majority of friends we circle with owning 360s, with 5 of them owning both that and a PS3 and only 2 of us having a PS3 and no 360 (and we added ourselves to that pool just this past Monday, had only a beat up PS2 previously we had not powered on in about a year). After playing hours upon hours of both Kinect and move, it is readily clear move is the far superior platform. Lack of buttons to push is a big issue for expanding into other game genres, and the system 6-9% overherd of full body motion tracking vs the PS3's 2% impact, on a processor that's less powerful to begin with, does translate into a noticable lag. plus, move support is being added to retro games, but Kinect can not be.

      In every house that has X-Box and PS3, the PS3 is the main system, 360 only powered on for exclusive titles. Every house that got kinect stopped playing it after 45 days tops, 2 returned it after a few weeks, but those using move are actively playing and buying more games for it.

      having just got a PS3, my only disappointment with it is that it lacks native streaming support not only for iTunes (which was expected), but it doesn't talk to WMC either, just DLNA alone run by WMP, not WMC. BluRay was an afterthought, little more than a bonus feature, we bought it for the Sony native content, the streaming apps that don't require membership in Live, and move.

  3. jason 7


    I only know one person with a PS3. But I know off the top of my head, nine of my friends and such that have 360s.

    None of them have Wiis anymore, they've all been sold many a xmas ago.

    When I visit customers homes its usually a 360 under the TV, no PS3.

    Odd sampling maybe?

    1. Daniel B.

      Depends on your friends

      There are some out there buying PS3s. Most held off the PS3 until it became cheap enough to buy; I'm more used to people still sticking to their PS2's. The one I do find everywhere is the Wii.

      But then the whole point is moot, as someone else pointed, our circle o'friends isn't quite the real universe.

  4. jason 7

    Downside of Xbox in UK

    Is Live service.

    I feel its poor value for money in terms of what others are providing and compared to the US.

    Where is my iPlayer?

    Where is Love Film/Netflix?

    Zune movie rentals too expensive.

    Oh and you expect me to pay to watch music videos???

    Sky? No thanks.

    That and its a bit of a mess in terms of navigation and layout.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      re: Downside of Xbox in UK

      Plus the fact that they removed the button to stop the charges on your account from auto-renewing from the interface, back when I was an XBL user last year. I had to phone up and be on hold for an hour to cancel, and they still charged my credit card.

      I actually tried to cancel a second time, same thing. Then the card expired, and I got endless spam from Microsoft about the fact that they couldn't charge my card. The AOL model, fucking crooks.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    The wii sold well but if my house is any indication - it is gathering dust. I personally hate the bloody thing - its a pain in the arse to use the controller and its far too cutesy and wraps you in bubble-wrap for me to be a viable games console.

    1. jason 7

      Nintendo demographic

      I had to laugh a few weeks ago.

      The Gf and I were sitting watching TV and during the time there were a few adverts for Wii games shown.

      The GF turned to me in all seriousness and asked "is the Wii the console for retarded people?"

    2. lglethal Silver badge

      You seem to be forgetting...

      The Wii wasnt designed as a console for gamers. It wasnt designed to take on the PS's and Xbox's of this world. It was designed for the casual gamer, the never played a computer game before over 50, and the under 15's. Onn this front it succeeded admirably.

      Most of the friends i know with young kids, the kids love it. The over 50's and the casual gamer may have moved on, but for kids its stil the first choice. Just like the Gamecube was back in the days of the PS1.

      Different horses for different courses, and all that...

  6. Pahhh

    PS3 fanboi surprise

    I'm a massive PS3 fanboi, but somewhat surprised. Maybe the numbers are skewed by Japan.

    We have both a PS3 and 360 in our household, but just about all my son's friends only have the 360. Echoing the poster above.

    1. Carol Orlowski

      That's because

      the Xbox is a kids console, with games like Kinnectimals and such.

      The PS3 is the far mature demographic, and the console is way more capable too outside gaming.

      This is why it's managed to obliterate the 18month headstart that the Xbox gained by launching early (albeit chock full of faults) and with a higher pricetag.

      1. jason 7

        As an adult....

        I could never hold a Sony Move controller in my hand without some embarrassment.

        Sales seem to confirm this.

        1. MJI Silver badge

          OK when glowing red

          Like the Helghast googles.

        2. MarkOne

          where did you get tour move numbers from?

          as Sony have SOLD more Move than Microsoft have SOLD kinect.

          Microsoft shipped 8m kinect, but 30% are unsold gathering dust.

          Sony sold 4.3m move to customers in the first 30 days, the figure is likely to be double that by now.

      2. David Neil

        And eyepet was soooo grown up

        Back under the bridge with you

      3. hatedmind


        Fanboi much?

        Hate to tell ya but the PS3 debued with a higher price than Xbox 360, with less games at launch, PS3 has a total of maybe 3 exclusive games worth playing...the rest play better on xbox, multiplayer better on xbox. PS3 is for a more mature demographic because they are the only ones that can afford the console, its much easier for kids to save up 160$ for a 360 than 350 for a PS3...and yes the numbers are greatly skewed by japan where microsoft has done little to no advertising. a ratio of 28 to 1 in sales ...shows that.

      4. Anonymous Coward

        re: That's because

        Low framerates and smeary textures are a sign of maturity? Is that because it's all the same with failing eyesight?

        Back under your bridge.

  7. MJI Silver badge

    Among my non PSN friends about equal

    If you ignore my friends from PSN I think that XBox360 and PS3 sales are pretty equal in the UK.

    I know roughly the same quantity.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Popcorn icon required

    ..for another showtime spectacular...X-box vs PS3.

  9. Techs UK

    vgchartz is slightly different - xbox on top by 4M

    4 million more xboxes globally in total. US it's charging ahead - been the top selling for months.

    UK usually more xboxes ships, almost 2:1 since kinect launched.

    Japan is as the article says. Although it's selling 10x better than the original xbox, it's 10x slower than the ps3 is shipping.

    I think there'd be more traction outside the US if Live offered the full range of services (iPlayer in the UK is a no brainer - COME ON! - on xbox live free, passify the BBC and please your customers)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      The reason they don't offer iPlayer is...

      ...that they refuse to allow all Xbox360 owners to use it, no matter their Live-status. The BBC has a mandate which requires them to "not charge" for access to their services for UK residents, and so they can't allow Microsoft to carry iPlayer while Microsoft are only allowing "paying" customers (Live Gold) to use it, and blocking "non-paying" customers (Live Silver) from using it.

      If Microsoft would allow all Live users (Silver and Gold) to use iPlayer, it would already be available on the Xbox 360 console.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      vgchartz != oranges

      Yeah but numbers shipped will include RROD replacements. Installed base, which is what the article is about, is the number still in circulation.

      <dives behind sofa with popcorn>

  10. Ryan Clark

    No 360 here

    We have a PS3 and a wii. PS3 is only used for blu-ray and media streaming, Wii doesn't see a lot of use.

    I have young kids and know a lot of families in similar situations. Everyone has a Wii, a few have 360s, I only know 1 other person with a PS3. All the kids have a DS though.

    Where I used to work there were a lot 360s where the guys would have Halo nights etc.

    Thumb Up

    ps3 v xbox 360

    the xbox maybe popular but guess what the ps3 is catching up and soon will dominate enough said ps3 owns baby

  12. jason 7

    Catch up.

    However, its a bit like plucking up the courage to dance at a school disco, just as Lady In Red comes on and the nights over. Bit too late really.

    New consoles please. These are all looking distinctly tired.

    1. Carol Orlowski

      Your 360 might be

      with it's PS2-era DVD player.

      My PS3 is just getting going and has another 5 years of life (at least)...

  13. paul 97

    RRoD sales

    If you take the previously high failure rate of 360 due to the RRoD (30%? ) out - the PS3 and Wii have comfortably out sold the 360.

    In reality , its not a bad mix of sales. Im glad there is some competition!

  14. g e

    I have both and...

    The XBOX360 rarely gets turned on and all dual-format games are bought in PS3 format.

    It's just the superior platform, IMHO, everything it tries to do it DOES do. The XBOX is hit & miss on it's non-game-playing 'features' to the point of utter vexation.

    No interest in chipping either unit so I couldn't give a toss about the 'SONY/MS are Evil' whingers

    1. Alex Rose

      I also have both...

      and have been caught out by dual format games being only 720p on the PS3 when they're 1080p on the Xbox (Fallout 3 and Colin McRae Dirt 2 spring to mind). I thought it would gradually die out but a quick check in Game the other week showed that new releases are still suffering from this.

      Until the developers stop being lazy (or Sony provide decent development tools) then PS3 games are going to be hamstrung by developers coding for the Xbox first and then doing lazy port jobs to the PS3.

      Still, as I say, I have them both so it doesn't make a blind but of difference to me really.

      1. Carol Orlowski

        Idiot alert

        "and have been caught out by dual format games being only 720p on the PS3 when they're 1080p on the Xbox"

        No you have been caught out by Microsoft's dishonest labelling of games.

        Sony report the NATIVE resolution of games.

        Microsoft report the UPSCALED resolution of games.

        Both systems run the games at the same resolution, and both the XBox and PS3 wil upscale if needed using their hardware upscalers.

        You need to stop listening to what Microsoft tell you.... I bet you even think that Xbox games look better than PS3 counterparts because Eurogamer told you so.....

      2. Burdens

        Actual resolutions listed here ... Not imaginary ones

  15. Justice

    You think?

    X-Box have more FanBois IMHO.

    Mainly because us PS3 owners suffer more problems than X-Box users and have to buy new units. RLOD, YLOD, Failware Updates, Blu-Ray lazers, etc, etc.

    $ony at work.

    1. Gary Holcombe

      Failure Rate

      Rubbish! Ive had my "fat" PS3 now since launch with no problems. I also have a PS2 which ive had since a year after it came out, again, with no problems. Many of my friends have had to send their XBOX's back 3 or 4 times due to problems and RROD.

      Its a known fact that Microsoft will release a product to get a head start over a rival, even though its not finished, full of bugs and will require lots of updates. Just look at their software products.

      As for failure rates, I believe from an article I read a while back, the XBOX was about 30%, the PS3 was around 7% and the WII even less at around 3-4%.

    2. Michael C

      ummm no.

      The failure rate on XBox 360 is higher. This has been known fact for a very long time. BD drive failure rate is on par with DVD, and system failure rates are also exceedingly low. Firmware flash replacements have been especially rare on PS3, and those don't count as sales since Sony will replace one, even out of warranty, if a flash update killed it. X-Box systems have had RROD issues across multiple versions, Power supply failures and recalls, cooked systems, HDD failures, network troubles, and more.

      I am good friends with a local BestBuy manager, and out of the 7 local stores, X-Box sells about 2:1 vs PS3, but has 4:1 the PRP replacements. (and PRP warranty sales are about even across them). The 360's remotes also tend to be failure prone.

      The x-box failure rates are way out of what with industry norms. Sony is a bit below average, having built a pretty hard core box, the most common failures are HDD, and they're user replaceable with common drives (not special proprietary disks).

  16. CD001


    Every single story I've read today I've thought "it's April 1st" ... I'll wait until tomorrow before I decide whether this is a piss-take (which the "1963 XBoXs" sold in Japan makes me think it is) - yes, I really am that much of an inveterate cynic I'm afraid.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    What's the failure rate like for both?

  18. Carol Orlowski

    Most people I know have Xbox.

    At least in our trailer-park.

    Someone did tell me once that people with jobs actually bought PS3.

  19. TonkaToys

    More PS3's here

    I'm UK based.

    Looking around my team at work (yes... it is an IT team), we have 7 PS3's and 1 person owns an Xbox360 too. 4 WIIs, one of these also has a PS3.

    Of my console enabled friends, there are 5 PS3's and 1 person owns an Xbox 360 too and a WII too. There are another 2 people with WIIs.

    Totals: 12 x PS3, 2 Xboxs and 6 WIIs.

    Beer because it is Friday.

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Our work is unrepresentative

      One PC gamer

      One PS2 owner

      a few no games

      One PS3 PS2 Wii household (I didn't buy the Wii my wife did)

    2. Anonymous Coward

      In our tech company

      It's 90% (at least) with PS3.

      But then we are all smart people, not braindead morons that buy whatever the television or Internet tells them to buy...

  20. Pahhh


    methinks its an age thing. I have a bunch of friends, all oldies, they all have a PS3 (one has a 360 as well). I think though the kids have 360s.

  21. MikeyD85

    Another one...

    ... who knows umpteen 360 owners and maybe two or three PS3 owners here.

    And in regards to #2 - We have Forza for a racing game. GT is a car collecting game, like Pokemon.

    Either way, real racers play on PC on rFactor or iRacing.

    1. Carol Orlowski

      You know nothing..

      GT5 is not a collecting game...

      Why not actually BUY and PS3 and GT5, you will then understand what you are missing out on, rather than relying on information from Microsoft and their industry partners for your information.

  22. KroSha
    Thumb Up

    Was bound to happen

    I predicted back in 2006 that the PS3 would win in the end. The biggest reason for this is that it's not a games console, it's an entertainment centre. The sheer scope of capabilities means that you really don't need anything else. It does BD, DVD, music, On Demand TV, Lovefilm, oh and games too. I've paired mine with a ReadyNAS to stream from and there really isn't anything it can't handle.

    Granted it's more expensive, but it isn't a toy and has enough capabilities to more than earn it's spot in the living room. Xbox tend to live in bedrooms.

    The high quality of exclusive games such as Demons' Souls and Little Big Planet is a good selling point as well.

    1. jason 7

      Yayyyyy PS3 finally won.......

      ...just as its time ro replace them all.

      Well done. Better late then never eh?

      Five more years from the PS3....hilarious.

      18 months at best.

      However, both console and PC gaming has hit a plateau for some time now. After all where are the next generation of consoles going to take us?

      Resistance 8 - Is Futile and COD:8 Pantyraid!

      Not a bright future for gaming whichever avenue you take.

  23. damian Kelly

    UK Office straw poll

    My office, 5 people:

    3 PS3s

    3 Wiis

    1 PS2

    No XBoxs

    Interestingly the two of us who own a PS3 and a Wii tend to flit between the two.

    Amongst my friends a few PS3 owners (4 or 5) no XBoxs

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Attach rate.

    It would be interesting seeing how many games, accessories, etc. the install base for each console generates though.

    I have both a PS3 and an X360. One has a ton of games, controllers, subscriptions and DLC associated with it. The other has been mostly relegated to Blu-Ray player and occasional dust gatherer. Which is the thing - it's got a clunky user interface, an unbelievably shonky iPlayer client that seems to have been designed without the use case "watch a programme", and I've spent more time being amused by how bad GT5 is than I've spent being amused by it as a game... but for the price, certainly for the first few years of its life, you'd be hard-pressed to buy a better Blu-Ray and upscaling DVD player for the price than Sony's gaming machine.

    This is pretty much the case in most of the multi-console households I know; the "Microsoft" corner is a huge stack of games, the "Sony" corner is an exclusive or two and the Blu-Ray remote. That may be sampling bias though.

  25. Pahhh

    @attach rate

    We got a PS3, 360 and Wii.

    The Wii I dont talk about and it barely gets any use. Its the wife's console. Gets a bit of Wii Fit but other than that its a space wasting piece of white plastic.

    Both the PS3 and 360 get a fair amount of use.

    We got a lot of games for the PS3 and 1/2 dozen for the 360. The PS3 is probably the family console and mine, the 360 is exclusively my son as I'm not interested in playing Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo Reach, Halo ODST, etc... which seems to be pretty much mostly what my son and his friends play.

    Odd about your comment on GT5 but hey, whatever floats your boat. I'm a big fan of the GT series. Its not perfect from a game play point of view but I've had more than my value from it. Oddly enough so have all the friends that i know that got it too. But I can see its not your thing.

    Regardless of my self professed fan-boi PS3 attitude, I geniuninely think the PS3 is a good console. Here is why:

    - The console is locked down so if you play online you arent playing against cheats,

    - Its multi-purpose - I use it a media player as well as console. 50% of its use is a media player

    - Some of the games seem to look nicer on the PS3. We got Assassine Creed on the PS3 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood on the 360. The PS3 picture looks better. So much so that my wife commented on it. Could be our 360 setup but Ive seen other 360 and seems the same as ours. Who knows...

    - The PS3 is a tidier piece of kit. Doesnt have the massive power supply like the 360.

    - I can play online on the PS3 for free. I've had to subscribe to Live Gold to get my son playing with his friend.

    - I dont think the 360 in real terms is any cheaper. Could be the 360 caught up but when we got the 360 it came without wifi, hard drive, blu-ray, controller didnt have rechargeable batteries. All those are standard on a PS3 - so price comparison isnt right.

    - The blu-ray player isnt just about playing films. Its also about playing without changing disks. Its seem very primative playing a game and having to change half way through on the 360. I believe that some games you can install on the HD (if you've bought one) but some you still have to insert the disks... doohhh

    - I would like to mention reliability of both consoles. Actually from personal experience, the 360 been fine, the PS3 blue-ray died on US but I had one of the orignal fat / 4 USB consoles. Statisticially though, the PS3 is more reliable. Out of all the people I know that own a 360 , I only know one other person other than ourselves whose 360 hasnt died. Some have had several 360s.

    So there, here is the first serious salvo on the 360 vs PS3 fan-boi wars lol.....

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    More xbox's here, nearly everybody I know has one, one or two have a PS3.

    Xbox FTW.

  27. cannon
    Big Brother

    Fanboys or paid staff?

    as the title says!

    remember this!

    "We've all heard about employees being sacked for blogging. But as the fad begins to wane, will staff soon be sacked for failing to blog?

    Last week, Sony BMG UK issued a new corporate marketing strategy.

    According to an official release from the group, Ged Doherty, chairman and chief executive of SonyBMG in UK and Ireland, said the company "has made it obligatory for all senior staff at both Columbia Records and RCA Records to start blogging actively".

    So what happens to staff who refuse to toe the corporate line, or perhaps fail to produce the required quantity of blog blather?

    We had to find out.

    A spokesperson for SonyBMG told us "you won't be sacked for failing to blog", but added, rather ominously: "If you don't blog, it's going to be frowned upon. Ged has made it clear that staff are expected to blog and participate in the community. He sees it as part of people's jobs.""

  28. Anonymous Coward

    XBox Live fail is the reason

    Thing about the PS3 is, Sony is aggressive with launching and making the PSN available worldwide, while MS has failed to launch the XBox Live outside of the 1/3 of the world they consider advanced enough. This has made the 360 less interesting in these parts of the world since it can't do what the PS3 can.

  29. rcdicky

    Skewed by Japan?

    Seriously? Sales are sales, not matter where they are. That'd be like saying the 360's sales are skewed because of the States

    Genuinely surprised though (and pleased) - It's taken a while to get them there but Sony did it in the end. Just need to start setting sights on the Wii now!!

    FWIW - I've got both and most of the peeps I know have a PS3, but this was still a surprise

  30. Citizen Kaned


    a few points from what ive seen in here. i will try not to be a fanboy :) i own a ps3 and have owned psx, ps2 too.

    @ "Working on the games counter at HMV over christmas, my experience was that 360 games massively outsold ps3 ones. However, that does limit the view to a single (struggling) highstreet store... online sales with the likes of could be different.

    Of course, DS titles outsold all of them by an even higher margin"

    - most of my mates who own ps3s actually buy online. i guess ps3 is made for a slightly older user base. all my mates who have consoles have ps3s - one has an xbox too. all of us are over 30 apart from the guy who has an xbox

    @ "Everyone I know who has a PS3 is using it almost exclusively as a Blu-Ray player because they feel they've been stiffed by Sony. The games are frequently more expensive than those on the 360 and rarely as good featuring cruddy frame rates and murky textures. I don't think I've bought a game for mine in nearly a year"

    - i dunno, i think some cross platform games might be like that, but the exclusives have often been brilliant. killzone 3 and the drakes games look stunning. drake's looks better than anything ive seen on the xbox

    i personally think sony's move is the best of the new style motion controllers. much more responsive than a wii (plus better games). the kinect just cannot do what i want from a motion controller. killzone 3 with move and sharpshooter is great fun and the best FPS fun ive had in years. now, if i can use it for something like battlefield 3 on the pc when its launched i will be having serious fun with that!

    @ "and have been caught out by dual format games being only 720p on the PS3 when they're 1080p on the Xbox (Fallout 3 and Colin McRae Dirt 2 spring to mind). I thought it would gradually die out but a quick check in Game the other week showed that new releases are still suffering from this"

    - maybe because they are upscaled? hardly any games out there are in fact true 1080p. most are 720p upscaled - sometimes even less!

    the wii has had its day. glorified gamecube with 90s graphics and very few decent titles. everyone i know has sold theirs

    got to laugh at some of the blatent fanboism here. both consoles are good for the money and have their ups and downs.

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