back to article US gov 'transparency' websites targeted for big, fat budget cuts

A campaign is underway in the US to save the government-endorsed website and six other portals from the axe. Ironically, one of the sites earmarked for the budget slash includes the portal. "Some of the most important technology programs that keep Washington accountable are in danger of being …


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  1. Muckminded

    Agendas gone wild

    Ah yes, remove all accounting safeguards just after a financial meltdown in order to save money. The kind of logic that appeals to those who know budget shortfalls aren't the real target. Most of what gets chucked during a reform is whatever would benefit those not in power, not the most wasteful bits. Political Math 101.

  2. avlisi

    Vivek Kundra

    Yeah, Well everyone here knows that it does not take 18 million dollars to run one website.

    No agenda show

    1. Muckminded
      Thumb Up


      So, regardless of complexity, number of staff, donut bills, etc., no website costs 18 million dollars to run?

      Good to know.

    2. lyngvi


      18 million dollars at an off-the-cuff estimate of $100k/person (trained personnel, retirement/benefits, office space, etc) =~ max 180 person staff, being cut to a max 20 person staff. This isn't Facebook; US federal agencies aren't fighting to publish information about themselves and their latest exploits. I'd wager most of the non-support non-mgmt staff is involved in pulling data for the site, which I'd expect is about as easy as pulling teeth from a great cat. It is government, so it is likely middle-heavy, but I doubt it can afford a 90% cut and still do anything but maintain what data it already has...

  3. Identity

    What a great saving that'll be!

    Now we can pay for approximately 1 hour 50 minutes of war in Iraq and Afghanistan! (SOURCE: Dept. of Defense)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      how much in Libya?

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