back to article Rikki don't lose (sight of) that number

The “number” is the most important word in any sales person’s vocabulary. It means the target, the total amount of closed business that needs to be achieved, whether in a month, a quarter or a year. Once that period is ended, the reset button is pressed and the cycle starts again. Anyone who has been at the sharp end of sales …


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  1. Devcurmudgeon

    sales people not making sense?

    "...but it is not for the sales person to use up precious time picking through the glittering nuggets of data and making sense of them."

    I totally disagree

    1. Colin Millar
      Thumb Up

      @dev Why do you disagree?

      Get specialists to analyse your data and leave your sales team to chase sales.

      Mashups are for amateurs with nothing better to do. If you want to make money hire pros.

      1. Devcurmudgeon


        as a buyer, i prefer to deal with sales people that actually understand what they're doing

        as a sales manager i prefer that my team learns to fish, rather than cooking everything for them

        as a salesperson, i'm interested in spotting angles that others miss.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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