back to article LizaMoon mass-injection attack reaches epidemic proportions

Malware writers are using website vulnerabilities to inject malicious scripts into thousands of websites as part of an ambitious attack ultimately designed to redirect surfers to a site pimping rogue anti-virus packages. The so-called LizaMoon mass-injection attack uses SQL injection trickery to inject a line of malicious code …


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  1. A handle is required

    It would appear that FoxConn has been compromised...

    At least according to this Google search:

  2. Gilgamesh

    1998 called, they want their exploit back

    It's 2011, how is this even still possible?

    Anyone still allowing this sort of thing to happen to their site deserves all they get.

    1. A handle is required
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      while software has been upgraded over the years, humans haven't been. We still make mistakes, regardless of how many safeguards are put in place.

  3. GoD2.0
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    Trying to find a fix

    I am now trying to work on a quick-fix for infected sites. For this I need examples of infected files. Please help by uploading your infected web-sites at http

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