back to article Apple plays whack-a-dev after WWDC sellout

Apple has kicked off a game of worldwide whack-a-dev after tickets for its WorldWide Developer Conference started popping up on eBay and other classified sites. Tickets for the June Macfest went on sale yesterday and sold out almost immediately, as devs clamoured to find out exactly what Apple will allow them to create and …


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  1. kain preacher


    might be a bit leery of the fact that the guy is giving you a phone number in NYC. Sure he could just be visiting but that just makes me suspicious/ We ll there is all so the fact that most of these things turn out to be a scam .

  2. Mage Silver badge


    yes, $1599 for Dev conference is deffo a scam. Shame on you Apple.

    1. Gulfie

      $1599 for Dev conference is deffo a scam

      You should look at training in the UK. £400-£500 a day. $1599 for five? That's a bargain, I could afford the airfare and a cheap hotel and still have change left over to eat and get horrendously drunk every night, and still spend less than the cost of 5 days training in the UK.

      Vendor events like this are invaluable - nay priceless - when done properly for the people that they are aimed at.

  3. DZ-Jay


    >> "Sadly, all those offer is the chance to learn about developing and selling complex enterprise software products, rather than opportunities to "mingle with Apple engineers."

    Are you implying that there is no chance to learn about developing and selling complex software products in the WWDC? Because the "mingle with Apple engineers" is intended as a way to build community and talk directly with them about the ins and outs of the APIs that they designed and built.


  4. Wang N Staines


    You have to pay to attend these shows?

  5. Random Coolzip

    "redefine what you think is possible"

    More like "we'll redefine what you thought was permissible".

  6. Adam T


    "Devs looking for something more glamourous" should head to the babe booths (though I think they were "toned down" a few years back) at E3 instead...the dates are the same...:p

  7. amanfromearth

    Biting the hand that feeds IT

    Never seemed more appropriate.

    Is there anything which happens in any field of human endeavour which merits Team Reg's approval?

  8. Gulfie

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt

    I initially lost out in the rush for Google I/O tickets and ended up going through eBay for a ticket which I got at 'only' three times the list price. Ironically that makes two days at Google I/O the same cost as two days training in the UK. Oh, plus travel and hotel. But you won't get Google I/O anywhere else anytime soon.

    I proceeded with utmost caution after winning my auction and was able to confirm with Google that my ticket was genuine, and correctly transferred to me, within 24 hours of paying. I hate working in this way but I'm not sure what the best solution is. Supply and demand - when demand far exceeds supply, touting is inevitable.

    If purchasers provide some kind of ID when purchasing - credit card number is probably best - and must produce the same when registering at the conference, and a photo ID in the same name (passport, drivers licence) then this would kill enough of the touting to make the rest not worth chasing. Add in the rule that anybody who turns up without the prescribed ID (and therefore isn't let in) gets a refund of the face price of the ticket, and the ticket then goes to somebody else who's pre-registered for a physical ticket returns queue and actually shown up on the offchance.

    If you want to return your ticket in advance then this should be possible for free. Google (or Apple, or whoever) refund, and assign the spare ticket using something like first come first served, or a lottery, of people who have registered interest in returned tickets.

    in the absence of this kind of arrangement: just make it clear what the criteria for getting in on the day is, make sure that 99% of touted tickets won't be valid on the day (we're back to ID again), and don't try to police the touts. Just put out lots of publicity that a touted ticket is invalid and won't be honoured.

    Google were very clear when I contacted them about purchasing through eBay, academic tickets cannot be upgraded but beyond that anything is permitted. Provided people know what the T's and C's are, and are careful in their approach to verifying their eBay purchase, nobody should get ripped off (beyond paying over the face value of the ticket).

    For the record, if I miss out next year, I'll go back to eBay to get into Google I/O. Perhaps these companies should consider running their events in more than one continent (e.g. North America, Europe, Asia, Australasia) and just repeat the conference in several locations over several weeks.

  9. Lord Lien

    For $1,599...

    ... I would expect some sort of sexual favour from Job's himself.

    Just to give you an idea of where i'm going on this. Think, South Park the Movie, where Saddam & Satan are in bed.

    "Who's my creampuff"

  10. buckie


    Hopefully they'll not be using their iPhones on the day or they'll all be turning up late for the borefest.

  11. The BigYin

    A fool...

    ...and their money...

  12. Anonymous Coward

    "Apple Engineers"

    So err... are there going to be any Apple software developers there?

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