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A good news aggregator should to be able to pull information from a broad range of sources, present it in a clear and easily navigable format, and make it as easy as pie to find, add, remove and edit feeds. For me the app that best ticks all those boxes on Android is My Taptu. Taptu    Taptu Graphically, Taptu is a joy. …


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  1. Andy 97

    Too much news

    Maybe someone should work on an app that removes 'news' from your daily diet.

    I strongly recommend it, try a week with no TV, Radio or internet news. You feel so much better and if there's something important going on, you find out from others.

    Makes for a happier life.

  2. stu 4

    rival equivalent

    be good if at the end of these articles, you put a few rival equivalent apps.

    i.e. iOS in this case.

    I quite often read the android one and end up searching for an iphone version.

    I'm sure some of the droids will be doing the same thing.. well the minority that can read iOS articles without foaming at the mouth and gibbering on about apple evil. :-)

    1. Dianne@Taptu

      We have an iPhone version of My Taptu

      Hi Stu 4- this is Dianne from Taptu. We do have an iPhone version as well, and soon to launch iPad version. Thanks and hope you will check it out.

  3. Mark Forster

    almost great

    tis a shame - mark all as read and hide once read are a deal breaker for me - other than that it looks very polished

    1. Dianne@Taptu

      Thx for the suggestion

      Hi Mark: we are looking into this--we don't have mark all as read or hide once read right now, but the article cards that you have read do shade out a much lighter colour to distinguish that you have tapped on them. But thanks for the suggestion, we will see what we can do in the next release.

  4. Tom 38 Silver badge

    Also available on iphone


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I'd not come across this before but it just shades Pulse as a news hub so I'll be using it from now on to slam the wasps from the pure apple of truth.

  6. okubax

    good choice

    I use My Taptu as my primary source of news from my favorite sites, The Reg, Guardian, Telegraph The preference to choose from Marilyn British news sources is a great feature and one reason I don't use pulse news reader

    PS: The writer unashamedly portrays himself as a lefty

  7. phuzz Silver badge

    Daily Fail

    "remove any feeds that don’t tickle your fancy, or all the stuff sourced from the Daily Mail if you are after proper news."

    I wish I could do this on google news as well.

    1. Studley

      Google News

      You can (sort of) hide news sources in Google News. If you're logged-in then click Settings > News Settings, and you can specify "More news from" and "Less news from" specific sources. It doesn't remove them altogether, but for pretty much every story it will offer you headlines/links for your favoured sources. I can't remember the last time I had a Daily Mail link in my headlines.

  8. Al Taylor

    @ Mark

    "tis a shame - mark all as read and hide once read are a deal breaker for me - other than that it looks very polished"

    We got an e-mail from the developers today telling us that some sort of "hide once read" feature is on their to-do list. Apparently you and I aren't the first to bemoan it's absence.

  9. Joe Futrelle

    wow, this app as awesome.

    Agreed that it needs mark all as read, but otherwise it's great.

    I love the FB integration. I can quickly scan, comment on, and "like" FB posts without using the slow, buggy official FB app. WIN.

  10. Mark .

    Re: rival equivalent

    Indeed, I read these and then download the Nokia equivalent. At least they review Iphone stuff though - a shame they miss out the leading smartphone platform. (And where's Blackberry too? It's at least as big as the Iphone.)

  11. The Grinning Duck
    Thumb Up

    Good stuff

    Excellent app, two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

    Also really good to see the developers responding to feedback too.

    1. Dianne@Taptu

      Thanks Grinning Duck and Spez

      Thanks so much! We're glad you're liking the app. And yes, we like to know what you guys are thinking when you use it! So, if you have any feedback on how to make it better like Mark above, or need help setting things up, the fastest way to reach us is on @taptu on Twitter. Or Facebook. Thanks again!

      1. The Grinning Duck


        My main suggestion would be that you guys should branch off a customer service consultancy and spread your customer satisfaction mojo to every other company I have any dealings with.

  12. <spez>
    Thumb Up

    Great app

    Just want to echo the above comments.

    Great App and good to see developer responding!!!

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