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The Zomm is a pebble-shaped wireless ‘leash’ for mobile phones. It pairs to a phone using Bluetooth and if the two devices are separated by a few meters then the Zomm alerts you, first by vibrating, then flashing and a few seconds later by beeping. Zomm Protect and survive: Zomm's wireless leash is controlled by just one …


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  1. There's a bee in my bot net

    Age of austerity?

    £80? For what is effectively a lost key beeper in reverse? Are you mental? I would be more worried about losing this little gadget than my phone (which is insured).

    This and the plethora of over priced tables makes me wonder what's going on.

    1. There's a bee in my bot net

      That should be tablets

      over priced tablets. Not tables. Soz.

      Though now that I come to think about it, tables are getting suspiciously expensive too - oh no I've become my dad, complaining about the cost of everything. Damn it!

      1. Darryl

        Uh oh

        Did you have to walk 12 miles to school too? Uphill both ways? In 6 feet of snow with no shoes? Chased by rabid dogs?

        Sucks getting old, doesn't it?

  2. Pete 43
    Thumb Down

    Is there a device ...

    ... that lets you know if you're separated from your Zomm?

    1. lou

      Re: Is there a device


      No recursion.

    2. BristolBachelor Gold badge

      Phone beeps

      My phone beeps when it looses it's Bluetooth connection to something, so that would warn you...

      ...unless you have also left your phone next-to your Zomm.

      Perhaps something more useful would be for the Zomm to attach to your home network and get an alarm to sound if you step outside your door without your Zomm (and keys!)

  3. Lamont Cranston

    A fool and his money,


    Unless they're going to add a function whereby it'll beep if you're being ripped off.

  4. johnnytruant

    I feel cheated

    I was expecting an article that, as a dog owner, I would benefit from.

    1. Francis Boyle

      Same here

      I was expecting a BOFH-approved zapper system. So many creative uses there.

  5. ttuk
    Thumb Down


    given that many people struggle to keep their smartphone charged for a full day away from home once they've had their phone for more than about 6 months I really can't see this catching on,

    Bluetooth is a big battery drain, if you have to keep it enabled all the time for this device will work then your phone will dead by mid afternoon

  6. The Mole


    It might work with dogs, keep phone in pocket, attach fob to dog collar, train dog to come back when it buzzes/beeps?

  7. Jason Hall

    Missed Opportunity

    Now if only they had made the device look just like a starfleet-communicator-badge-thingy, they would have been able to sell them by the bucketload.

  8. Clive Galway

    Nice idea, but £80 way too much

    Hopefully someone will make a cheap knockoff for about £20 and I may get one.

    Could do without the speakerphone and all that junk, just the alarm would do.

    1. Francis Boyle

      Not quite £20 but close

      Never underestimate the Chinese.

  9. TheDude


    That £80 can buy you a Sony-Erickson bluetooth connected watch, which gives you the same alerting when you go out of range as well as possessing a screen to show you texts and who's calling, plus it's a watch!

    Every phone these days has speakerphone built in, I just don't see the point.

  10. TheDude

    ...ohh yeah

    and my SE MBW-150 watch lasts 10+ days on a charge instead of 2 days.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not the right solution

    I considered buying this product for my missus last Xmas, because she's always forgetting her phone. But it's poorly designed - read some of the many reviews on the web, eg, those complaining being awoken at night when the phone ran out of power. Plus it needs to be charged, etc.

    The right solution - for her at least - is the Bringrr ( This lives in the car, plugged into a power outlet, and beeps one of two tones when the car is started, depending on whether it detects the phone's BT signal or not. If the phone isn't there, you won't drive off without it. Simple. And a lot cheaper, and totally no-hassle.

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