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Planning to buy a 3G-enabled iPad 2? To help you choose the right package, here are how the UK operators stack up. We'll be adding other carriers as they announce prices. iPad 2 Price comparison Review Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad 2


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  1. Richard 31
    Paris Hilton

    Orange data correct?

    10MB fair use on WIFI? That seems wrong. I am sure all of use who visit this site could fart and accidentally download 10MB. 10GB surely?

    (insert standard grumble about the misuse of the word unlimited here)

  2. TonyHoyle


    Even wifi is getting the 'Unlimited*' treatment now. About time the ASA made that illegal.

    10mb is 300kb/day. Good luck with that.

    24 month lockin = no sale here, especially at those prices..

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    O2 anyone?

    Are they not doing iPad 2?

  4. Nameless Invertebrate
    Thumb Up

    The Vodafone Special

    Vodafone offer a 'special' to existing customers. I have just ordered a 64gb WiFi+3G. They only asked for £100 up front. Then 24 months @ £32 per month. If you do the calculations, this equates to £23.30 per month paying off the iPad £100+(24x£23.30=£559) =£659. This then makes it only £8.70 per month for 2GB data. Only cost effective if you cancel the contract after the 24 month period though. Total cost = £867.80

  5. Eek

    the old one is probably a better deal.

    All the offers still seems over expensive compared to buying the ipad outright and then buying a monthly sim only deal.

    I'm glad I picked up the last ipad 1 32gb at three last week. £129 upfront + £20 a month for 24 months so a total of £609 all in.

    Granted its last years technology but it does exactly what I want, doesn't force a camera on me which could be awkward at some clients and saves me £270 over the cost of the new one.

  6. Annihilator Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    And MiFi?

    How about doing a comparison of buying a pristine non-3G iPad outright and pairing it with a cheap MiFi type device? Or using any Android device that turns your phone into a hotspot?

    Either way, I figured a couple of years ago that when it comes to Apple, it's best not telling the phone companies you're using an Apple device, as the costs generally go up. iPhone 4 + cheap SIM-only tariff works out a lot cheaper - I can only imagine the iPad works out similarly.

  7. Andrew Woodvine

    Vodafone data allowance

    You've got the inclusive data for the Vodafone £15 a month plan wrong - it's 2GB of cellular data not 1GB. You also get 1GB of WiFi too. You can get an extra 1GB of cellular data for 32p a month more if you go here

  8. Si 1

    What happened to all you can eat on Three?

    Why is the iPad limited to 15GB when I can get a free Three PAYG SIM with unlimited data transfer under their new "all you can eat" scheme (assuming they're telling the truth when they say it really is totally unlimited)?

    1. Alan Edwards
      Thumb Up

      Re: What happened to all you can eat on Three?

      The iPad is classed as mobile broadband - 'cos it can't make phone calls, I presume. The all-you-can-eat data plans are voice plans.

      They (at least used to) put specfic code on the iPhone SIMs to stop you using them in iPads. My Three iPad 1 seems happy with a 3Pay SIM, but there's no credit on it so I can't do anything with it.

  9. Tom 38 Silver badge

    @Nameless Invertebrate

    Do you have to be paying a lot to vodafone already for that deal? I have a vodafone PAYG phone that I keep 'for emergencies', only 100 quid up front sounds quite tempting, and a low-ish overall cost.

    Anyone want to buy an ipad 1? :D

    1. Lime Smoothie
      Thumb Up


      I got quoted the same deal on Voda - i have 2 phone contracts, mine and him indoors - spend about £60 per month. Just rang the standard sales line via 191.

  10. KroSha


    "unlimited Wi-Fi - subject to 10GB Fair Use Policy"

    This really pisses me off! Why can't they be honest and just say that it's 10GB Wi-Fi? That's perfectly acceptable and also fairly generous. F***ing small print lawyers!

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