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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition RH Numbers A faithful port of the Xbox 360/PS3 original, SSF IV is the most comprehensive 3DS launch title. It's also one of the best looking. All the console features are retained, from Arcade and Challenge Mode to Internet Match and the fully-customisable Training Mode. And the full …


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  1. John King 1

    Laser Squad game?

    I'm sure I read a few months back that the creator of Laser Squad was developing a lunch game for the 3DS. I think it was a turn-based game based on an existing IP. Anybody know about this?

    Still, at £230 I think I'll hold off for a year anyway.

    1. Peter Kay

      It's cheaper online

      230 quid if you buy in some stores perhaps, although I suspect there will be discounts and HMV at least are bundling a HMV voucher (20 quid? can't remember), effectively knocking the price of 3DS+game down a bit.

      197 quid online at both GAME and HMV, 187 quid at Amazon..

      There are other launch games too. If the Star Wars game works as well on the 3DS as Lego Batman works on the PC with a 3D monitor, it'll do very well.

  2. Mike Hanna

    Just three games

    What about Lego Star Wars?

  3. Alex Walsh

    40 quid?

    For a handheld game? Ouch. I don't tend to pay that much on proper grown up consoles and Nintendo stuff hardly ever gets discounted.

  4. Rich 30


    So, if you shop around, the console is £200. How much are the games, surely not the RRP of £40! Thats way to expensive for a handheld game, IMO they should be £20, then maybe £25 for a really good one. Makes paid for games for iPhones/Androids seem very cheap!

    How much is Angry Birds? about £1? Are these games 40 times better? I'm not sure.

    1. Mike Hanna

      Not exactly a fair comparison

      Angry Birds will probably turn up on the Nintendo 3DS Markeyplace 1-click App store, or whatever has been created / re-vamped. Perhaps a better comparison would be iPhone Street Fighter @ £3 and 3DS Street Fighter @ £30 (on Amazon). Is it 10 times better in 3D with the added functionality the Nintendo hardware brings?

  5. Simon King
    Thumb Down

    @Mike Hanna

    What, you mean like real buttons to push?

    1. Mike Hanna
      Thumb Up

      @ Simon King

      I don't know if the thumbs is for my post, or the 3DS, or the iOS version with no buttons... Perhaps you're a fanboi who can't see fault with iOS devices and think that any version on an iPhone is better than any version created ever cos it's magical and revolutionary

      But actually, in part, yes - do additional buttons, real or not, provide something better than the iOS version delivers?

      Does the new stick thing or D-pad on the 3DS work better than the iPhone screen? They'd provide more feedback because you would know it was being pushed and the character would be doing something, rather than mashing at the screen with sausage thumbs like I do and get annoyed when Ryu's not chucking out a fireball across my iPhone screen cos my thumb's momentarily in the wrong place.

      Perhaps the graphics are better, but I doubt it looking at the 3DS screen shots.

      There's loads of extra characters in the 3DS version, so does that add to replayability over the iOS version?

      Loads of different fighting backgrounds. How is the bottom screen used? What different, and I assume more, game modes are there... Bear in mind that the comparison is between a version of a game designed to be played on a gaming system, not a version of a game to be played on a phone that also plays games.

      All of these things add up to value-for-money. All these things considered, is it 10 times better than the iOS version? If it isn't 10 times better then parents like me should perhaps think of getting an iPod for a Christmas present for our fledglings instead of the latest mobile gaming hardware

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One problem

    In japan at the mo, and have bought a 3ds, I can see one serious problem with it's technical ability that's present in the game I have and all those shown here.

    The system seems incable of lighting effects, of any kind, there's no shadows, no areas shaded in coloured light, nothing, not to mention still no shaders.

    so what we have is a system capable of the graphics inferior to a 1999 pc, and no better than the PSP.

    3d effect is great, but the graphics are as dated as ever.

  7. Stephen 2


    When I tested the 3DS In Tokyo, about 3 weeks ago, the best game for showing off the 3D effect was this samurai style game. I forget the name. Basically your character runs around in this huge 3d world fighting bad guys. Very impressive for the 3d depth.

  8. Furtim

    Lighting effects

    The Lego Starwars game makes extensive use of lighing effects and this makes for a really engadging graphics style - As the little (and they are little), light sabres fly around, the glow they impart is dynamically rendered on all objects in the scene - particulary impressive when the guy with four arms is around!

  9. Citizen Kaned


    just not interested in overpriced games that look like something from the arc now.

    if i want an experience where i lose myself i fire up killzone 3 and the move/sharpshooter. pity my tv isnt 3d. i bet that game would be even better in 3d. oh well, nothing a few magic cigarettes cant make me feel anyway :)

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Forget the 3d...have they got the *ahem*..."bounce" correct in Street Fighter?

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