back to article Android gets in-app billing

Google is set to launch in-application billing for Android next week, and is encouraging developers to upload their billing-event-enabled apps now. The Android Marketplace has been talking about in-application billing for almost a year now, and yesterday the team finally opened the store to developer testing with a view to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    the Amazon appstore is a joke.

    it let me sign in with my amazon account, download the appstore app, set up a payment method which was compulsory even though it was a free app, then as soon as i tried to download a app, "appstore for android is not yet available in your region...

  2. Blubster


    U.S. only at this stage. :o(

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Not only that

      But I think the API is only available on 2.3, and most phones are barely 2.2. So unless you root your phone and install a later OS yourself...

      ObOffTopic: got to play with the XOOM today, in the Verizon store. In the 3-4 minutes I had, I couldn't figure out the GUI... hmmm... that doesn't bode well.

  3. Atonnis


    Let's put together in-app billing with multitasking and a cleverly written app which just sets itself as a pixel in the background.

    W00t! Cashorama, baby! Here comes the malware!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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