back to article Red Hat: The first $1-billion-a-year open source outfit (almost)

The money just keeps rolling in at Red Hat, and it looks like this year will be even better as the company is poised to become the first open source software company to break through the $1bn mark. In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011 ended on February 28, the commercial Linux and middleware distributor posted $209.3m in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Ok, now it's time for Microsoft

    to stop hiding behind all kind of proxies and launch a patent lawsuit against this communist cancer that refuses to give up. It seems that all the lackeys MS was using were not up to the task.

    Tux icon for obvious reason.

    1. llewton


      yes, yes, the cancer... in some decent countries that's considered hate-speech and is punishable by law.

  2. Jay 2

    Less service for same money = more profit

    We've just upgraded some RedHat subscriptions and found that for relatively the same money as before, they're now offering less.

    Before there was the Basic subscription which entitled you to web support as well as the updates/errata. Nowadays that's been replaced by Self Support subscription which just provides you with updates/errata and for anything support-like then it's DIY time.

    No wonder they're making a healthy living!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RedHat support subscriptions

      > We've just upgraded some RedHat subscriptions and found that for relatively the same money as before, they're now offering less, Jay 2

      " When you have a question, you have a choice. You can speak directly with Red Hat Certified Engineers. You can also access our technical knowledgebase. And you can feel assured of superior support, because if you're not satisfied, we know you'll choose not to renew" ..

      1. Jay 2

        It;s good to talk, if you pay for it

        Under self-support you can't talk to a RHCE unless you happen to personally know one for a chat:

        Also no subscription = no updates. So in short they're saying if you don't like it, then choose another OS. All very well and good, unless you have to use RHEL as we do.

  3. amr

    stock manipulation?

    I've owned the stock for a number of year. It seems like there has been some interest in this stock over the past few months. The stock hit a high around 49, then someone need it to go down (Puts anyone?) and lower rankings ensued. Stock went down below 40. Then over the last couple of days, rumors started to trickle that it was now time to buy RedHat. Today it's up over $6. Can't get any more obvious folks . . .

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      I find your opinion interesting and plausible

      In this case we can look at CentOS as an escape route in case someone (unnamed large software vendor) would try to get a grip on Red Hat Linux. So unlike Suse Linux, Red Hat can easily survive to a possible (hostile) acquisition/takeover.

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