back to article EU admits deep impact cyberattack in run-up to key summit

The EU has admitted to having been hit by a deep, penetrating cyber-attack. The admission comes days before an EU summit on economic strategies and the conflict in Libya are due to top the agenda. Official details on the attack are scant. Eurocrats would only say that the Commission and External Action Service had been hit by …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    How to raise money for a non-issue

    1. Start up a scare story

    2. Be vague on the details, making it look like you're hiding the extent of the problem

    3. Demand more money to protect 'us' against 'them' on the premise of some doom-mongering threat

    4. Win!

    5. Taxpayers - Lose

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Re ..... How to raise money for a non-issue, Posted Thursday 24th March 2011 13:23 GMT

    Good Plan, AC ..... and probably one which has been uncovered by the penetrations testers' shenanigans which are being scantily reported, presumably and quite understandably so because the System has no idea what has actually been compromised and how it was compromised and what has been left behind as an invisible feed/smart stealthy mole.

    "In response to the assault, the EU has suspended external access to email and the institutions' intranet. The passwords of EU staff have been reset in wake of the assault." ..... That is a sort of China Syndrome NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Meltdown will renders the EU non future operational and compliant ....... a dodo who no can do.

    Oh dear .... what a shame. That is aweful.

  3. Luther Blissett

    "the possibility that infected images had been installed"

    I would read this as It getting IT's retaliation in - and its side of the story out - first, just in case EuroPlod is getting involved.

    'Tis a terrible thing - Brazilian horses with the clap. So I hear.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    how is this possible?

    Most well-known virus scanners have, in the past, marked official windows binaries as viruses, surely they'd go nuts on machines with replacement dll files and such???????

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