back to article Rackspace accused of 'controlling' open source cloud project

Rackspace's chief OpenStacker has quit the company, saying the 'Linux-of-the-cloud' initiative is not functioning properly as a community project and that it deserves full independence from Rackspace. After just 18 months with Rackspace, OpenStack chief architect Rick Clark has left the company for Cisco, accusing his ex- …


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  1. Tsunamijuan
    Gates Halo

    From less to greater closed source.

    In a way i find this quite hilarious. Leaving one company that actually embraces open source. To go to a company that pretty much has a unpublished hatred of it. Cisco is all about proprietary standards. I hope hes not thinking that hes gonna be heard better at cisco, cause I doubt they will listen any better than rackspace. Thats just the way buracracy is.

    On a project note, Yes theres a governance board. However this project started between a mix of rackspace, and nasa, and a few others. So its more of a project that is being made to fill their needs first. Then allowing others to jump in and adapt from there. Rather than a traditional from the community and staying in the community project. I really don't find this that surprising. Every corporate owned open source project sees this in one form or another.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Spelling nazi strikes again :-)

    "accusing his ex-employer of exerting undo control over the open source project"

    That should be:

    "accusing his ex-employer of exerting undue control over the open source project"

    Undo is to reverse something

    Undue means excessive

    You're welcome, and that'll be £50. Your company will be invoiced. ;-)

  3. Anonymous Coward

    This is a bad thing?

    "... accusing his ex-employer of exerting undo control over ..."

    So, they use a code versioning system?

  4. E 2

    You can always fork it.

    You can always fork it.

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