back to article iStunt 2 on the iPhone 4

That's it, hands, you deserve a break. You've worked tirelessly these past few weeks and proved your mettle. Dead Space and Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard were enjoyable iOS games, but playing them back-to-back was far too much like hard work. These fingers are done playing digit-Twister for a while. Time for a holiday. Time to …


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  1. Thomas 4

    A gaming column for mobile devices

    Nice idea - look forward to seeing more. I would ask that if you review an exclusive game (e.g. Android only or iOS only), can you please include another review for the other platform as well, so that people aren't left out for a whole month?

  2. Rhys Briffett
    Thumb Up

    Cunning Stunts...


  3. Livlondon

    Actually the name of a pub cover band back in my home town

This topic is closed for new posts.

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