back to article Texan charged over multimillion pump-and-dump spam scam

A Texas man has been charged with using spam from compromised machines to hoodwink potential investors into buying virtually worthless stock. Christopher Rad, 42, of Cedar Park, Texas, was arrested over allegations that he acted as a middleman in a pump-and-dump stock scam involving unscrupulous investors, spam from botnets …


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  1. BristolBachelor Gold badge


    Surely a defence in court would be that he was just doing a survey to identify people with low IQ ? A public service even.

    1. Gannon (J.) Dick

      We ...

      ... already have driver licenses* and did a Census just last year. Must the Gubmint waste money doing this survey over and over and over again ?

      * and yes, in Texas it's 'driver license' - it's not possessive, in Law, or by custom, evidently.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Hiding in Plain Sight .... the Ultimate Ass Covering, Stay Out of Jail Free Card.

    Err...... because of the following, which is nearly always attached somewhere in a stock offering or share trade or whatever, can all stock market trades be considered as likely candidates for prosecution of crimes with the involvement of middlemen in a pump-and-dump stock scam involving unscrupulous investors.


    Except For Historical Information Contained Herein, The Matters Set Forth In This Presentation Are Forward-Looking Statements. Statements That Are Predictive In Nature, That Depend Upon Or Refer To Events Or Conditions Or That Include Words Such As Expects, Anticipates, Intends, Plans, Believes, Estimates And Similar Expressions Are Forward-Looking Statements. The Forward-Looking Statements Set Forth Above Involve A Number Of Risks And Uncertainties That Could Cause Actual Results To Differ Materially From Any Such Statement, Including The Risks And Uncertainties Discussed In The Company’s Safe Harbor Compliance Statement For Forward-Looking Statements Included At the End Of This Presentation and In The Company’s Recent Filings, Including Forms 10-K And 10-Q, With The Securities And Exchange Commission. The Forward-Looking Statements Speak Only As Of The Date Made, And The Company Undertakes No Obligation To Update These Forward-Looking Statements.[/blockquote]

  3. trindflo Bronze badge

    non-competition problem

    Wall Street considers the pump and dump province to be their exclusive turf. That is why caveat emptor does not apply here.

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