back to article Japanese quake shakes semiconductor biz

Chip makers and the computer and electronic suppliers that depend on them are only now beginning to sort out the effect that the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan will have on their businesses. At the moment, the disaster has not caused huge supply problems for the makers of key processor, graphics card, and memory …


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  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Supply chains get complicated

    Even if Intel/AMD don't make chips in Japan there are a lot of bits needed to run a fab and a lot of consumables.

    And you can be surprised how few places in the world are making one key part - just because you can order it from a dozen catalogues.

    Where do the wafer dicing saw blades come from, or the bonding wire?

  2. Bob H
    Paris Hilton

    not just chip fabs to worry about

    Reportedly there will also be a dramatic shortage of high grade discrete components. Watch out for the supply of quality electrolytic capacitors in particular. I was with a groupif industry people yesterday and most said IC production was less at risk than analogue components and descretes.

    We tend to focus on the big buck headline components but it is most often that the smaller components cripple a production line.

    Paris, because she knows it isn't all about the silicon.

  3. Peter Clarke 1

    Quality drop

    Will we see an increase in failure/returns due to lower quality products derived form alternative suppliers? I'm thinking of a repeat of the bulging motherboard capacitors of a few years ago and failing hard drives around 2002.

  4. Banther dodo


    This is such a non-story.

    First of all, your incredibly knowledgeable and no doubt highly paid analyst should be told that silicon dioxide ingots and wafers would be useless, its a pure silicon crystal you need.

    Secondly there was a massive fire that took out one of the big chip packaging factories a few years ago, and that had negligible impact on the global market.

    1. tpm (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Yawn

      Just a brain fart on the silicon dioxide. As for me being highly paid. . . . I don't know any journalists who fit that description.

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