back to article China rejects Google snoop claims

The Chinese government has rejected claims that it is responsible for problems with Gmail in recent weeks. Yesterday Google denied there was a technical reason for the recent problems with Gmail, instead blamed the Chinese government for snooping. Some Gmail users were unable to log onto their accounts, or having done so …


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  1. KjetilS
    Black Helicopters

    They didn't really deny it...

    Calling it an unacceptable accusation is not really denying it, is it?

  2. Gav

    We're doing it, but don't you dare complain

    "This is an unacceptable accusation"

    Anyone else notice that this isn't exactly a denial?

  3. LINCARD1000

    You're all poops & I'm leaving China forever...




  4. L1feless

    Shakes fist...

    It is almost like China just clinched their fingers into a fist and said "Damn you Google! Damn you!" but never really said no we didn't do that. In fact by not denying it I say that's as good as confirmed.

  5. ratfox

    If they really want to go back to China

    They'd better keep their mouth shut.

  6. Graham Marsden


    "...instead blamed the Chinese government for snooping."

    So what Google are saying is that it is ok for *them* to snoop your emails to send you "targetted advertising", but object if anyone else does it?

    Why does the word "hypocrites" come to mind???

This topic is closed for new posts.

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