back to article Dell erects data centers in '10 countries'

Dell is building data centers in as many as ten countries across the globe, including a facility in Australia. Speaking The Australian, Michael Dell said the company would provide further details in the coming months. This data center expansion, he said, is part of an effort to build so-called "private clouds" on behalf of …


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  1. The Cube
    Thumb Up

    You forgot to say

    That they are offering BSaaS right now, no waiting, no build-out!

  2. resrpt

    Dell and cloud

    Someone please tell these loser companies like DELL that they do not and will not understand anything else but selling personal computers and laptops. Please move away from cloud, as companies like yourselves where the CEOs says public clouds are not getting demanded, and the so called chief strategist says they are in demand, says it all that what kind of strategy you have. Its so easy to find out which provider has no clue about cloud computing when most of the press releases are just glorified market jargons than anything concrete.

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