back to article Pure Contour DAB/FM and Internet radio

The Contour is an elegantly designed music hub from radio specialist Pure. It features DAB+,FM and Internet radios, as well as an iPod dock in a slide-out drawer. Pure Contour Dark side of the moon: Pure's Contour You may be forgiven for thinking the Contour bears some similarity to the company’s Twilight alarm clock radio …


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  1. Robert Heffernan

    Looks like it could be a "Huge Success"

    I seen this before, only it was white, and could only pick up catchy Salsa music, and funny transmissions that were either Morse code or slow-scan TV transmissions.

    But seriously, ever since Portal came out this shape seems to have become a rather popular design, which is not surprising considering how far out of left field the game was and became such a hit.

  2. Dave Lawton



    RMS, Total Music Power, Peak Music Power, or what ?

    Do please be a little clearer.

    Is the USB port for updates or wired networking or both ?

    Or is it that there is both an A, and a B (micro) port ?

  3. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Fly Paper

    Well at 200 squids I guess it'll catch the hard of thinking (of which there seem to be plenty) but it seems to fall into the category of 'do everything, but do each of them badly.'


    18W into a 3.5in speaker? Yerr. Right!

  4. James 47

    £200 for a radio?


  5. pauly
    Thumb Up

    The Lounge web site

    I noticed you were on instead of, what a vast improvement. About time too, the old one was/is basically unuseable.

  6. ravenviz Silver badge

    Matt black?

    Not very good in the kitchen with greasy cooking fingers!

  7. ScottME

    Poxy pixel displays turn me off

    Pure don't seem to have moved on at all in the last 5 years on the user interface front. A couple of lines of scrolling text are completely inadequate for searching out and selecting an internet source. So you're locked into their proprietary web interface and they track you everywhere you go.

    Come on, manufacturers, where are all the neat touch-sensitive colour LCD & OLED displays? You know you can do it.

  8. TedF


    FM / Internet radio - fine; but DAB+?

    Is this PURE's attempt to push the UK government into adopting a half-way sensible digital system?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    £200? That'll get the DAB listeners migrating over from analogue in their

    dozens, maybe.

    Or maybe not even dozens.

    Then again... iPod dock... maybe they're on to something.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    ? Eh?

    For i = 1 to -1 do


    too expensive

    too complicated

    i:= i + 1


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