back to article Duke Nuke teases with sapphic siblings

Here's a trailer for the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever. The title says it all really. NSFW? Perhaps… but it is Friday. The game contains strong violence, sex, nudity, bad language and drug references. No surprise then that the BBFC gave it an 18 rating earlier this week. Sounds like the recipe for a thrilling …


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  1. Gangsta

    Duke Nukem Forever

    Duke Nukem Forever and Dr Dre's Detox.

    2 titles that are never coming out.

    1. Aaron Em

      nah, DNF is coming for real this time

      $5 (or about two pounds fifty in your crazy English moon money) says so. Twice that amount says Duke Nukem Forever, when it does come out, is a completely quotidian and utterly uninspired piece of crap, distinguished only by showing 10% more tits than its competitors for the hotly contested "teenaged boy who won't get laid until he's thirty" demographic.

  2. tom 24

    Unicorns, Santa Claus, DNF

    I preordered, and I'll believe it when I see it. Actually, no, I won't believe it then either. When it's running on my system I still won't believe it.

    1. Dale Richards
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      Re: Unicorns, Santa Claus, DNF

      Not too long ago you could have added Guns 'n' Roses's "Chinese Democracy" to that list, but not anymore. DNF will probably turn out the same way - it'll get its release eventually, but after all the hype and anticipation it'll just be a steaming pile of disappointment.

      1. Marvin the Martian


        It's already flooding with disappointment now. It looks like any other FPS from the video?

        This is like being told, INDEED santa exists but he's an employee of Coca-Cola and a convicted rapist. But he exists. It was much better to just dream of a mythical figure you know didn't exist.

        1. Shakje

          Re: Disappointment

          I'm 12 years old and what is this?

      2. Gotno iShit Wantno iShit
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        Chinese Democracy

        Hardly a fair comparison. That Rose's latest warbling is predictable, repetative, unimginative, formulaic and just plain shit is up there on the surprise scale with the sun having risen this morning. DNF on the other hand could, after all the wait, be good.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is my fetish fuel.

  4. Graham Marsden

    Does this sound more like...

    ... desperate publicity seeking...?

  5. Hombre sin nombre

    Having actually played Duke Nukem Forever at PAXEast,

    I can confirm that it is in fact a real thing that exists, and the demo levels were polished and bug-free, so I'm willing to believe it will be on shelves this year. That said, the gameplay was somewhat mediocre, what little I experienced of the AI was distressingly basic (run at you in a straight line while shooting upon seeing you until one of you is dead), the controls were frustrating, and the graphics were passable at best. The humor and the all the expected bombastic qualities are there, but Game of the Year it isn't.

  6. kain preacher


    Detox will happen. Besides Nukem Forever will be banned in the UK and down under.

  7. Greg J Preece

    Out of odd curiosity...

    ...I went onto Penny Arcade and searched for their earliest comic about Duke Nukem: Forever.

    1999. Nice.

  8. kissingthecarpet
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    want to touch it....don't you?

  9. Robert Heffernan

    I can see it now...

    USA: 15+

    UK: 18+


    1. Neoc

      Not banned.

      I'd like to point out that several major electronic/game stores down here in Oz have been advertising its release and taking pre-orders. Thus *they*, at least, do not believe it will be banned.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Huge crowd at Pax East

    Duke Nukem Forever was on display at Pax East last week, with a big booth full of playable systems. The line to enter was two hours long. The big-screen monitor on one demo system, at the edge of the booth, drew a constant big crowd. It's real.

    1. Hombre sin nombre

      You went to the booth at the wrong time anon.

      Went there around 5 on Friday and waited no more than 20 minutes.

  11. John Tserkezis

    "the BBFC gave it an 18 rating"

    Oh goodie, that means we'll NEVER EVER get it in Australia.

    Looking forward to it on the torrents.

    But not holding my breath for 15 years either.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    The main twitter account associated with DNF posted no less than 4 pictures of "Dukes Throne" at (If I recall correctly) PAX East. This had a lot to do with the fact that the throne was flanked by two models dressed as school girls. The ability of this to capture the attention of people too young to buy it isn't lost on me. But still, a bit of information thrown in here and there would have been useful.

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