back to article Message from South Oz: YouTube not for assaults

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that South Australia's government is considering banning the filming of assaults. The government told the ABC it would introduce legislation making it an offence to publish "humiliating or degrading" images of people without their consent. State Attorney-General John Rau …


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  1. Gumby1
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    Too broad a law

    Another raced through law to show the folks of Oz that the Gov does care. So we will not be allowed to post videos of Police being over zealous in the application of force as well?

    As for the School video they suspended the victim ( unless thats been updated).

    1. LaeMing
      Black Helicopters

      Of course you will be able to.

      Just need to get the officer's permission first.

  2. ph0b0s

    Sweep it under the carpet.

    Yep, this is a great idea. If the crime is not filmed, it did not happen. Problem solved.

    So in the future in a case like the school kid fight, the two involved in the fight get suspended. The person filming it gets arrested. That sounds fair.

    I agree that trying to discourage copy catting is a worth while aim, but the ban hammer? Is that really the best you can come up with?

    To me the only time you should be able to go down that road, is if you can prove that the person who caused the assault also caused the filming. I.e like the assault versions of a snuff vids (which I am not sure ever existed). In which case you just go after the assaulter even more than you normally would.

    But an completely innocent 3rd party filming a crime should not be punished as they are essentially making a record of something that has happened, like journalists do.

  3. Graham Marsden
    Big Brother

    "banning the filming of assaults"

    Of course I have little doubt that this will apply to any sort of CCTV setup, especially when operated by the Police...

  4. P Zero


    I thought that YoutTube's and the school's actions showed that the system in place already works. Why legislate further?

  5. Neoc


    Really? If you're going to bother with the accents on foreign words, please do it properly: "célèbre"

    As for South Australia: if it wasn't for the footage filmed by a by-stander, that Sydney kid wouldn't have had a leg to stand on and would most likely have been the only one suspended.

    1. Equitas

      South Australia ...........

      has precious little to do with Sydney -- totally different states.

  6. Aussie Brusader

    Pointless legislation

    Who keeps comming up with this shit and thinks that it'll make a difference?

    I would put it that filming should be manditory, then you'll really know what happens and who did what to who.

    There's enough cameras around anyway, so I hope they'll turn them all off 'incase we see a fight'.

    Of course, this will just apply to the students and others, not the school CCTV or authorities.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Of course it will make a difference.

      If you post a movie of a corrupt cop beating demonstrators, you couild then get legally persecuted and put away, rather than them having to give the normal mumbled useless apology to the press!

      Its like someone gave the govenment the perfect excuse to cover police corruption!

  7. Dazed and Confused

    Would never work in the UK

    There are so many CCTV cameras that almost any assault would be bound to be filmed

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We need a new section

    The top menu bar below the The register logo should have a new menu item added: "Banned in Australia". Or maybe it would be briefer to make it "Still allowed in Australia"?

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