back to article Rambus gets Tosh top-up

Toshiba has renewed a five-year memory licensing agreement with Rambus, providing a plentiful flow of royalty dollars to the litigious company. The deal is concerned with intellectual property relating to speeding up SDR, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory chip performance, as well as some other DRAM chip types. The royalties will …


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  1. asdf


    Before SCO Rambus and their crap high latency memory were the most hated IP leech on the block. Oh well lawyers got to make a living too (on the backs of all the people that do real work in society).

  2. Wallyb132

    Its a shame...

    Its a shame that the US court system gutted the FTC ruling that clipped RAMBUS's wings. I was so happy when i read the final outcome of FTC's case. these slime bags finally got what they deserved, a big bitch slap federal government style. why the court system had to go and overturn that is beyond me.

    Maybe someday congress can fix the laws that empower federal agencies like the FTC and FCC and actually give them some teeth, or at least limit the courts power to overturn these rulings, at the minimum the appeals for these types of cases should be heard at the court of appeals level, not the district court or circuit courts. I dont think courts should be able to completely overturn said rulings, they should only have the power to determine if errors were made and send the case back to the ruling agency to be corrected.

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