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Blocks and Files Look, this is off the wall, and I'm putting together an absence from the public eye and thoughts from a couple of sources - and maybe wishful thinking - but, here we go; what is Mark Hurd working on at Oracle? The Hurdster has been absent from public engagements for a couple of months it seems. He gets …


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  1. Raymond Wilson

    Merging technology with autocracy?

    I recall a great Storage company named Storagetek. Storagetek were fantastic to deal with, they offered the VARs deal registration, pre-sales support, discounts and helped them close deals profitably. Sadly Storagetek were aquired by Sun Microsystems and all those great benefits were eventually watered down and melted into Sun's toxic pool of autocracy. The Storagetek staff fled the pool and the Storagetek partners watched their long term relationship with what was by far one the most channel friendly Storage vendors stagnate.

    NetApp are a great organisation with products that work well, I fear that the greed of Oracle will ruin the flourishing and profitable relationship that the channel is currently enjoying with NetApp and their Distributors. Let's hope that Oracle don't alter the modus operandi too much and make the NetApp / channel relationship a difficult one...

    Will Oracle's proposed aquisition of NetApp deprive the channel storage resellers of another great partnership?

  2. Diskcrash

    Please NO!

    Sun's acquisition of StorageTek was one step back from the customers but Sun's acquisition by Oracle has been ten steps and a jump back from customers. Oracle customers are not generally well treated by Oracle support. Things such as moving virtually all content including supposedly free or publicly available products behind the no-contract-no-access firewall of Oracle is just one of the annoyances of having any Oracle/Sun products in your data center.

    But, this fantasy does make sense in that Oracle was foolish to let NetApp get Engenio away from LSI for that price as their storage portfolio is a mess. Acquiring all of NetApp would be a lot more harder and expensive but certainly makes sense in that it solves most of their storage issues.

    I like the NetApp kit and I like the Engenio kit. Please don't make me go back to EMC which is what would happen if Oracle got a hold of them.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What it he doing?

    I'd assume he's writing a long list of who he is going to make redundant.

  4. Matthew Morris

    I can think of a couple of things.....

    Since Sun went the way of American Motors Corporation, the leadership team managed to drive most leadership from the company prior to the Oracle BORG process. Once that was under the way Oracle manged to push what was left of the leadership out the door.

    Search Linkedin see how many former Sun employees work for some company other than Oracle.

    What is interesting is Oracle does need a storage strategy similar to HP. If NetApp aquisition is under way, who at Oracle or NetApp for that matter can drive a storage strategy?

    That is not Mark Hurd, he knows how to wring cost out of every process to drive better profit. But he does not integrate or drive strategy.

    And if Oracle buys NetApp would anyone other than current NetApp clients who will be directed to Metalink for support.... know?

    Almost "Who Cares"

    Oracle knows how to acquire a revenue stream and maintain it, look at how long business have waited for Fusion Apps to arrive.....

    top 10 things for Hurd to work on?

    1) Expense Report Management - it's always the pesky details that get in the way.

    2) Program managing the next sail boat race in San Francisco

    3) Working his rolodex and meeting with clients and telling them that what he said at HP is wrong and they really should be Exadata even it only sort of works.

    4) Develop an in-memory analytic engine that will help drive better results from john fowlers HW group

    5) Stay out Safra Catz's way

    6) Stay out Larry Ellison's way

    7) look at acquiring Teradata

    8) start marketing program with outside consultants to great executives at Oracle events

    9) read up on bill clinton biographies to better handle those difficult questions

    10) maybe hold on to that HP stock a tad longer.....

    it's a working list - feel free to edit or add to it

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What is Hurd working on...

    Hmmm... judging from his time at HP I guess his number one priority is getting an obscene bonus; number 2 is a bigger, better, grander office; number 3 is figuring out how to fiddle his expenses; number 4 is how to get his leg over that cutie down the corridor and finally number 5 is how to screw the poor Oracle employees to the same degree he managed at HP.

  6. Allison Park

    Killing Itanium....the ultimate fu to HP

    Mark Turd just pulled all support for Itanium

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