back to article Defence talks to forge EU cyberwar strategy

European defence ministers met last week to develop NATO's future cyber defence strategy, defence minister Nick Harvey told Parliament on Monday. Defence Secretary Liam Fox met his counterparts across Europe to help formulate future cyber defence policy, Harvey said in response to questions in the House from former defence …


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  1. Not Fred31

    EU cyberwar strategy?

    It is in the headline but not in the text...

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    ITs Great Game ...... is a Great Game Play with Astute Non State Actors in Leading AIRoles?

    "Defence talks to forge EU cyberwar strategy ... What are we defending against exactly?" ..... John Leyden

    An interesting question, John, with systems doomed to catastrophic failure and resources liable to non-availability, if the kettling and suppression of emerging truths and novel alternative methodologies are considered a defence priority for maintenance of status quo positions.

    Fortunately though, ...... although one imagines that those who would prefer to play in the shadows because of the error of their ways which if known would be universally considered unacceptable and even criminal, may consider it a gross and unfortunate inconvenience ...... does any action, to be effective in cyberspace, require wwwide and transparently clear publication/dissemination/sharing.

    Secretive, traditional Special Ops type operations are virtually counter-productive against what are effectively Active Entities Invisibly Operating Universally in Imaginative Terrain and Really SMART Head Spaces.

    One wonders whether any political paygrade comes anywhere close to entertaining anyone enabled to counter and assist in the proliferation of programs spilling the beans on spinning tales which have entangled star spangled two bit actors in pits of their own making and mounting despair. But hope springs eternal and one is always so pleased to be pleasantly surprised, and proved wrong with a shining example of what is to be done to put matters right.


    "We will do everything we can to ensure the maximum security of all our communication methods,"

    Apart from prosecute BT and their Russian friends Phorm, TalkTalk and their Chinese friends Huawei, and Vodafone and their American buddies Bluecoat... all of whom have illegally and covertly compromised the security of UK telecommunications.

  4. Old Handle


    It seems to me the politicians may be suffering from some confusion over terminology. In physical world, "defense" is just a nice way of saying weapons, whether used for that purpose or not. In a digital context, defense, usually really does mean defense, and I think they're having a hard time grasping this.

    You don't defend your network by trashing the other guy's network first. You don't fight viruses with bigger meaner viruses. You can defend with boring measures like building redundant network connections and making sure your software is up to date. As such #1 the military aren't the people who should be running this, and #2 they really need to stop conflating it with war.

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