back to article Black Ops is the best selling videogame EVER

This week, Call of Duty: Black Ops became the best-selling game of all time - in the US at least - selling 13.7m units across all platforms in the five months since release. The game smashed the one-day sales figures when launched in 2010 and went on to make more than $1bn in revenue before the year was up. Call of Duty: …


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  1. Goldmember


    I preferred Modern Warfare 2

  2. Marvin the Martian

    Yeah, but DNF will whip them both into the 'snappers they are

    I'm betting all ISA stocks on Duke Nukem Forever, that will be the biggest bestsest seller.

  3. CaptainHook

    Sounds like

    Am I the only one to honour my pledge to never buy the game because they removed player hosted servers.

    1. Lionel Baden

      you are right

      And there are other reasons to not buy battlefield not that many though.

      But when it comes down to multiplayer awesomeness Nobody else comes close to it.

      got MW2 free with my kids mainboard and found it disappointing to say the least, single player was awesome. The multiplayer is the biggest pile of Shite, teambalance does not work, more laggy than not as its all p2p.

      not saying this never happens with battlefield, but the balancing system is much better.

      Due to reccomended servers only, servers hardly ever lagg. happens infrequently twice a week end up on laggy server. In contrast to MW2 you will be on some lagg fest 50% of all games.

      Do miss modded bf Servers though. pity they wont ever release a map editor either, but shockingly they actually told us why !!

      Yes i will be pre ordering BF3, not because i am Consumer whore, but the game does look awesome and i have unbelievable awesome moments when playing, only really with the battlefield series (bf2, 2142, bc2(+Vietnam)).

  4. David Evans

    without getting all fanboi

    CoD/MW is now firmly for console types. Battlefield games blow the doors off MW on PC. BC2 is already a much better online game than MW2 and I expect BF3 to continue that trend.

  5. CharlieBoY

    Utter crap

    The reason they sold so many was due to MW2, being so successful. I know many people (like myself) who played this game for about 2 days before using it as coffee coaster. What a let down!

  6. paul clarke

    It IS unfit for purpose

    Having owned the game for the PC and upgrading my PC TWICE!! just to try and play this POS I can confirm the PC version is CRAP!

    MWF2, BF2, MWF, FFOW all play superbly. No lags, no dropping to the desktop.

    This PC version is so bad it beggars belief. Hence the refund from Amazon. (even though it is still available on my steam account ;-))

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Why not...

      ...just buy a console to play it on?!

      Probably cost less than a new graphics card!

      FLAME ON!

      1. Lionel Baden
        Thumb Down

        RE Flamer

        i know i really shouldnt reply but hey ho here goes.

        console + game = £200

        half way decent graphics card = £200


  7. BraynDedd

    I wonder

    how many of those sales are attributed to people having to buy about 500 copies before they got a working one?

    1. CmdrX3
      Thumb Up

      You hit the nail square on the head

      Three copies from me of that fucked up piece of junk. Two for the PC which to date still fail to work correctly, and one for the Xbox 360 which I believe is fine. They will NEVER receive another penny from me for that fucking franchise and I imagine there are many PC and PS3 owners who feel exactly the same.

  8. Richard Wharram

    Never again !

    5 months on a Black Ops is still unplayable on Windows 7 for me. I just can't be bothered booting into XP just for one game that looks very dated anyway. If I hadn't bought through Steam I would have got a refund. Won't repeat the mistake.

    And oddly enough the return of dedicated servers actually makes this game even more crappy than MW2. So many servers with crap rules (no jumping ? knife only ?) or with admins who kick anyone who kills them or with stupid map lists (Nuketown only servers abound). On MW2 you could choose whatever playstyle you liked and hardly anyone whinged about it because there was nothing anyone could do about it. In BO people try to get you kicked and whinge at you for practically anything. Back in MW2 all you had to do was get the vote to skip Estate passed and you were sorted.

    Will try a different game that actually uses my graphics card in future.

  9. sabroni Silver badge

    of all time?

    All other devs give up, you cannot beat this!


  10. Anonymous Coward

    Never Buying Another CoD Game Again

    The ps3 version of Black Ops is appalingly unplayable in multiplayer - months of hangs, lags and crashes - They released a Beta version, knowing it was unusable. Activision/Treyarch then yanked our collective chains for months, blaming users/consoles/network settings, whilst failing to fix a fundamental known flaw.

    So fuck 'em - they're not having another penny from me, on maps or re-hashsed versions from the CoD franchise - I'm switching to Battelfield....

  11. Anonymous Coward

    best-selling game of all time

    Really? 13.7m doesn't seem that high to me. Just checking around, World of Warcraft claims to have 12m subscribers and I'd bet a lot more than 2m people have quit WoW. (WoW was the first thing I could think of that should have massive sales.) But, if 13m sales for a game is considered high, then I guess I can understand why a lot of people still consider video games to be a niche product.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    I've gone back to MW2

    Black Ops is quite possibly the worst, buggiest, game in the franchise. The final game I ever played was a "sticks and stones" match. I was using the ballistic knife, and sneakily sneaked up behind an enemy, clicked to shank, and... nothing. Click, Click, still fuck all, at which point he turned around, and tomahawked me. Respawned, same maneuver, same outcome. three times in a row.

    I'm ashamed to admit I actually rage-quit, but not that I lobbed the DVD into the garden for the dog to play with.

    I've now gone back to playing MW2, which, granted, isn't perfect, but is nowhere near the same level of shite that Treyarch have peddled out. And, best of all, the annoying pre-pubescent squeeky-voiced children have all gone to Black Ops, which tends to make for better matches.

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