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Trying to keep your spur-of-the-moment scribbles and jottings synchronised twixt phone and computer can be hard enough, and with third-device tablets hoving into view the problem is only going to get worse. Catch Notes    Catch Notes Catch Notes: speak your brains This is where Catch Notes comes in. It’s a relatively …


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  1. Bassey


    Sounds very much like springpad bar two important differences. Springpad doesn't support voice notes and doesn't charge at all. The wife and I find it dead handy to share notes - from her PC at home she can trigger a reminder on my phone to collect the kids or we can add things to a shared shopping list etc.

    1. dotdavid


      Went to Springpad's website, and it looked good. Went to sign up to try it out and immediately got a big message saying my browser (IE7) isn't supported.

      Since I'll want to add notes now and again at work, and I can't tell them to install a proper browser (well, not and have them listen), that's an instant fail for me. I can understand not having all of the features enabled but I'd need basic access at least. it is then...

      1. ttuk


        for springpad... does simply what I need, mostly use it for reminder notes and shopping lists.. will be good when their price watching feature supports UK retailers..

      2. dotdavid


        I may have been a bit hasty with my condemnation of Springpad - allowed me to register using IE7 but navigating the site afterwards pops up a really annoying "we don't (yet) support IE 6 and 7" Javascript messagebox on every. single. page.

        Honestly, aren't there any others in my boat - forced to use IE6/7 at work?!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How does it compare with Evernote?

    1. Tigra 07
      Thumb Up

      RE: AC

      Just thinking that myself.

      Evernote has more functions in my opinion, plus i can link it with my laptop and email notes.

  3. John 73


    Seems to provide less functionality for more money than Diigo. I've been using their PowerNote app on Android and it's pretty good, plus you get the bookmarking and sharing features of the web platform. Their iOS app isn't as good, which is interesting, but it does exist.

  4. Jim Coleman


    Sounds like OneNote, which is a native note-taking app on Windows Phone 7. That synchronizes voice and formatted text notes with the cloud - Skydrive to be precise, which has 5GB of storage for free. And of course you can view your notes in the desktop version of OneNote and the Web-ized version. And you can pin your notes to the start screen. Plus you can save your OneNote notebooks as normal files on your PC as a backup, in case the cloud service should ever fail for some reason.

    It works really, really well. And for free.

    1. Tom Samplonius

      @Jim Coleman

      OneNote? First of all, the desktop version of OneNote is not free. It only comes with paid versions of Office. I actually downloaded an office trial just to try it out. It is good, but not that good. And the mobile version only works on a WP7 phone, making it as rare as a unicorn.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    That makes it 3 out of 3

    Reg recommended Android apps that me and the missus are now running on our phones. Keep up the good work.

    Linux cos you don't have an Android icon.

    1. whbjr


      I've been using Catch for, oh, almost a year, and it does everything I ask of it. And no, they don't pay me to say this - I guess maybe I'm not asking much of a note-keeping service. Perhaps I should be more demanding!

      One of the highlights for me is the lack of ads, and the lack of nagging to upgrade to the paid version. I sincerely hope they're making money - maybe someday they'll make money from me...

      Beer because you don't have an Android icon, and I'd rather have a beer than a penguin.

  6. Tankut Erinc

    AK Notepad

    Back in the day when Catch Notes was called 3banana (and company name was Snaptic), they released a text only version of this app called AK Notepad.

    It still works and syncs with

    What's more, it can peacefully coexist with Catch notes on the same (Android) device, using the same credentials as Catch Notes, albeit without the voice/photo notes, obviously. These simply will not show on AK Notepad, without any fuss.

    All notes taken on both can be exported to the SD card as plain textfiles from the apps (if you want to go off the grid, migrate, whatever).

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