back to article Is Apple planning incompatible payments?

The Independent newspaper has been talking to network operators, and concluded that Apple is planning its own version of NFC for 2012. Sources at "several UK operators" apparently told the paper that Apple is not planning to add Near Field Communication technology to the next iPhone, despite Google dropping NFC into the Nexus …


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  1. It wasnt me
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    Oh really?

    "probably good news for Apple and its customers." Only if they dont mind paying 30% extra for their purchases. (Which most of them wont, one assumes).

    1. Code Monkey
      Jobs Horns

      30% idiot tax

      Well worth it as another excuse to wave their bloody phones about.

  2. Greg J Preece

    Maybe they're wanting a cut?

    30% of everything you ever buy? That'll do nicely. ;-)

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Transaction Fees

    Can't wait to see the transaction fee rates if Apple is in the loop.

    Visa and Mastercard are bad enough with their 2%-6%. Wonder if Apple will stick with policy and go for the full 30%?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Typical Apple arrogance

    "Regulators could, and probably would, insist on Apple opening up its platform eventually"

    But they willl put their own barriers in place which will cause inconvenience to everyone from the outset, until forced to do the right thing! Clever eh?

  5. Alan 6

    Apple = Sony

    Apple are just like Sony - make shiny boxes and insist on following their own standards.

    Anyone remember Betamax - yeah it was the best system, but it was beaten by the overwhelming might of just about everyone else jumping in the VHS bandwagon...

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Apple != Sony

      Yes Sony have a track record of developing new formats, but most of them are in response to market demand and Sony are happy to cooperate on developing technologies (e.g. CD with Philips, DAT with HP) and license their technology to other companies (Bluray, Betamax, etc.), unlike Apple who only allow Mac OS on "Apple branded hardware".

      The Betamax system was fairly popular in the US and Japan, so no reason for Sony not to use its own technology (especially since it was just a half scale version of their professional video format). Even on video, Sony are happy to license formats they didn't develop (like VHS) and let their customers choose; so Sony are not really like Apple.

  6. Captain Scarlet Silver badge
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    Its not like you can't use a debit/credit card or money.

    1. M7S

      Actually in some cases.... is. Some authority services do not accept cash for some transactions, and their systems dont recognise some brands of credit card.

      Although I appreciate the icon and the irony therefrom.

  7. OffBeatMammal

    incompatible toll systems

    oh great,

    this sounds just like the time saving electronic tolling systems where they deploy incompatible devices depending on the operator who maintains the road ... but somehow it's supposed to benefit the consumer

  8. Alan Denman

    For agreed standards read.......

    Apple greed standards always prevail..

  9. Chad H.

    Oh look

    The Anti Apple goat botherers are really out in force today. Oh what amazing wit they have.

  10. morphoyle

    Apple and standards don't mix

    Apple not following industry standard?!? I'm shocked!

    Seriously though, they pull this crap so much, it would be news if they actually did follow a standard. At this point, I expect them to put their own crap in place. There is a reason they are so profitable, and it isn't because they make better devices...

  11. JaitcH

    Apple meet the U.S. Federal Trade Commission: Up yours Apple

    The mighty, but slow, U.S. Federal Trade Commission will most likely weigh in on this one possibly under restraint of trade.

    Of course Mastercard and Visa aren't without their 'resources' unless Jobs wants to start his own plastic business.

  12. G 4
    Jobs Halo


    Apple PiPS (Personal Instant Payment System).

  13. poohbear

    Pr0n won

    Sony lost with Betamax simply because the US Porn industry grew weary of putting everything out in 2 formats, and picked one (the wrong one, but that's another debate). And that's why VHS 'won', and why Sony vowed never to fall for a stunt like that again.

    So unless the porn industry is going to decide to back Apple and accept payment by Apple only, there isn't really any comparison between these two examples.

    (wipe that image of yourself waving your iPhone over a naked women out of your head now ...)

    1. Chad H.


      You realise we're talking about a retail payment system here, not an Internet one?

      1. Kay Burley ate my hamster


        Yeah I think he does realise it's retail, although I'd think she would rather have a bar-code tattoo than a chip in her butt! :)

  14. Arctic fox
    Jobs Halo

    My gob has never been so smacked.

    Planning a system incompatible with other standards with millions of locked in customers, well I'll go to the foot of our stairs! I am sure that that nice Mr Jobs would not dream of doing such a thing.

    NB: Irony alert in relation to icon use.

  15. Kay Burley ate my hamster


    Now this really would leave them no wiggle room with the European Commission.

  16. Lau

    Payments through iTune?

    My personal concerns are about:

    1) If payments are processed by iTune, it means that card details are stored online. Very bad when customers want to make payments and there’s no internet connectivity.

    2) Having an embedded Secure Element also means that some transaction can be processed even when the mobile phone battery is flat (Cards, such as SUICA in Japan or OYSTER in London use passive induction to work, which means they can be used when the mobile phone is unpowered. This couldn't happen if the travel cards are stored on iTunes).

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