back to article US Trans-Pacific Partnership proposal leaked

The group Knowledge Ecology International has scored a leaked copy of the IP protections the United States has proposed for the so-far-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty. The multi-lateral treaty negotiations include Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam …


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  1. damocles

    TPP written by MPAA & RIAA, hardly surprising...

    But how are “effective notifications” defined? If they are rejected by the ISP's spam filters, surely that renders them ineffective? Job done.

  2. Denarius
    Black Helicopters

    cant wait

    no doubt the spineless supine fools that pass as advisors will encourage our even more spineless brown nosing politicians to crawl to the new gestapo of the new UUSR of A. No doubt our even more colonial minded spineless brown nosing politicians will be begging to allow this invasion of Australia to proceed unimpeded. If it s good enough for the federal fuzz and spooks to listen to what they want, when they want, why not friendly foreigners ?

    Only thing left is the creation of Gulags for citizens who don't have the right opinions.

    1. mamsey

      Only thing left then...

      off to the Gulag with you.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does the TPP also extend the duration of copyright

    to one million years? Or will it remain at age of Mickey Mouse plus five years?

  4. flibbertigibbet

    Is this a joke?

    In my naivety I thought these treaties were the result of sober negotiation between two countries. Instead it looks like every US firm that has bought a senator has been invited to make ambit claim for gouging Australians, and resulting list became their proposed treaty.

    Ye gods. It that how all government works within the US?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Big Brother

      re: Is this a joke?

      Answer to question: Yes

      1. Denarius

        @AC Joke ?

        Have you been under a particularly heavy rock for the last 2 years ?

        secret copyright discussions were undertaken last year between USSR of A and European and some Oceanic governments along these lines. If democracy did exist, it would have to be a joke. As an exercise to the reader, draw conclusion.

        Also note that the Oz crawling self righteous ignorant ruling classes, for want of a more appropriate term of contempt, believe OZ is a little something that needs to crawl to fuzzy friendly big brothers, so they do whatever the current bully "asks" because they like being told what to do.

  5. Tom 13

    @flibbertigibbet: They're not necessarily aiming at the Australians

    My guess is their primary target is actually US citizens. Passing Patent reform in the US would require the House approve of the measure. If The Big 0 puts it in a treaty, he only has to get Senate approval, which moots House approval. It's a weakness in our Constitution which didn't really foresee economic and legal harmonization treaties. Unfortunately a lot of other countries will also get taken out in the process.

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