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Quick, grab the org chart. Today’s org chart can show much more than just who looks after the paperclips; it can also indicate departmental structure, vacancies, reporting lines, accountabilities, even job performance. Sounds handy? But where’s the org chart for your business then? Languishing in the desk of the HR director …


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  1. Martin.Hale

    No Mention of Org Plus?

    I'm surprised to see no mention of one of the leading packages in the org chart sector mentioned in this piece. Org Plus has been the most functional tool for producing complex org charts with reams of back end information associated with them for years now. They can even be set to auto-update with ties to you HRIS/ERP, so that as people and positions change, your charts do as well.

    Beats Visio hands down for ease of use and for depth of capability IMHO.

  2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Also missing from the list

    Smartdraw and Micrografx. Haven't touched Visio in years but I remember having to write a script to turn tab-based layouts into something that Micrografx could munch because Visio was such a pain to use. I would hope it's improved. However, if working with data then it is hard to beat Graphviz. Data + Graphviz -> SVG is pretty damn good.

    For simple charts and sitemaps Slickmap is a nice approach - give it <ul>s and it does the rest.

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