back to article Q2 motion-controlled internet radio

The Q2 is the simplest Internet radio you’re likely to find. It’s good looking too, with its tidy cube shape, rubberised casing and five colour options: white, black, lime and a couple of flowery pink and blue versions. Q2 Internet radio Hip to be square: Q2's Internet radio The last two colour choices presumably cater for …


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  1. Leona A

    Nice but not for me,

    No user interface and relies on being connected to a PC, (Windows or Mac, note no Linux option). Nice idea though, sure it will appeal to the Apple types.

  2. SynicNZ

    You want to know the first thing I do when seeing these reviews?

    I go to the last page and check the price.


    No I am not even going to read the review

    1. Anonymous Coward


      ...the price is also at the top of the review on the first page.

  3. LuMan
    Thumb Up


    ....but a tad pricey.

    Having said that, if the sound was absolutely brilliant, it would be worth a look. Like the idea, though.

  4. Paul Renault

    Hand-motion controlled?

    I have a few ot these.

    I do have to touch the radio while I move my hand, but they work flawlessly.

  5. JeffyPooh

    Thank you

    "The Q2 takes about 15 seconds for sound to arrive after switching on, or from deep sleep, while the delay between switching stations is between 3-8 seconds."

    Excellent that you checked the Achilles' heel of most Internet Radio appliances. Some of them take many minutes to turn on, and the better part of one minute to change stations.


  6. snellasaurus

    BBC stations yes or no?

    Can I ask that you make very clear one REALLY important piece of information in Internet radio reviews.

    Can you listen to BBC live radio on this (not world service but BBC R1 R2 R3 R4 etc.) I know the Reg is international but I am sure that for a sizeable portion of the readers the lack of this would make such a device a non starter.

    These are some of the most listened to stations in the UK and the fact that, for example the Nokia HD-1 can not receive R4 in Internet radio mode is shocking.

    Put simply can i get BBC R2, R4 or not with the Q2 as I am not sure exactly where live radio stops and listen on demand starts with the BBC.

    1. iancalc

      BBC stations yes or no?

      Yes, you can listen to all of the live BBC radio stations on the Q2. The national ones listed on its software are: Radio 1, 1Xtra, 2, 3, Radio 4 & 4LW, 5Live, 6Music & 7 (soon to be 4Extra); plus what looks like every local station; that's about 60 live BBC stations in all, not counting podcasts.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shame it can't plunder my media server for tunes

    or act as a remote wireless speaker

  8. Anonymous Coward

    From the FAQ on Q2's site:

    'Can I add my own Radio station urls to the Radio?'

    'No. Only the Radio stations listed can be added to the Internet Radio.'

    ....aaaand suddenly it's not so interesting any more.

  9. Trouble!

    Adding your own station URL

    There is however the option of stations being added here:

    The station is then added to the station aggregation data base and is monitored for any URL changes, this means you don't have to reconnect your Q2 to your mac or PC if the station moves

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