back to article Here's the crack about Infosmack

Today we start broadcasting Infosmack, easily the best podcast on enterprise tech. The show is produced and presented by Marc Farley and Greg Knieriemen, who are moonlighting from their day jobs at HP, where Marc is a storage God, and Chi Corporation, a big US integrator, where Greg veeps. They are joined on the show by …


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  1. Jon Double Nice

    "Storage God"

    I picture him with lots of little hard drives and SD cards all around him bowed down and worshipping.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I don't really "get" virtualisation, but then the systems I work with already come with various tools that each do some of the things you can use that fake computer thing for. In particular, bare metal recovery always was a lot easier with unix systems than using redmond's finest. I could explain why but, er, why bother. Some bootable medium with a suitably generic kernel will boot just about everywhere. Not hard to cook up your own "distribution" of your fave FOSS OS with all the things your company needs, and take it from there.

    Thus, the virtualisation thing is more often used as a workaround for limitations inherent in systems that aren't as flexible. Methinks that to take this up a notch OSes will have to shrink a lot as some sort of wrapper or container for (collections of) applications and/or services and move all of the tricky stuff into the hypervisor. Which then becomes the OS and you could've saved yourself the effort if you'd provided an OS that offers separation and convenient software containers. But first, ditch that OS that needs working around so much and take something that is suitable as a foundation for this sort of thing. Then add checkpointing and session snapshots again.

    This'll be usable in a cloud, but that brings trust issues. Sometimes you really do want to be sure just where your data is and just who might end up accessing it.

  3. thecakeis(not)alie



  4. cpreston

    It's a VE-GET-ABLE

    What's Arugula?

    it's a VE-GET-ABLE!

    Watch "My Blue Heaven" starring Steve Martin. He's a Mafia boss that is put into the witness protection program and lives in San Diego. He's in the grocery store and the store manager asks him if there's anything he can get for him. He says...


    What's that?

    It's a VE-GET-ABLE.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's a VE-GET-ABLE

      To save Googling: Arugula in English English = Rocket.

  5. Knochen Brittle


    According to my phonetic dictionary, it is GWB trying to say 'irregular'

    E.g. "Arugula nookalar whepins Iraniums omnes opshuns sobre la tabular"

  6. Candy
    Thumb Up

    How unique?

    Very unique.

    And a fine addition to the Reg line up. :)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    infosmack intro

    Just listened to episode 90, much better intro voice over than the original. No offence Greg..

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