back to article BBC to take cautious approach to 3D 'hype'

The BBC seems no more keen on 3D TV than licence payers, at least for the moment. In an update to the BBC's technology strategy, published last night, the Corporation confirmed it will not be rolling out a 3D channel until mid 2012 at the earliest, though it does plan to "investigate the technology challenges 3D produces …


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  1. jai

    good news

    i'm not sure i want to watch Rastamouse in 3D

  2. Real Name
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    3D is overrated

    Until we don't have to wear glasses and things aren't converted to 3D but filmed in 3D first then theres no point.

    1. RAMChYLD

      Almost there tho

      Well, autostereoscopic 3D LCD panels (displays that don't require the viewer to wear glasses) have been around for quite some time. Only problem is, no manufacturer have the guts to adopt the system for use with 3DTV. They're currently used only in a few niche markets (i.e. ad displays, a few cellphone models in Japan, professional 3D workstation displays and the Nintendo 3DS).

      1. David Neil

        Autostereoscopic panels

        I thought the problem was those panels only had a fairly small sweet spot, and viewing them beyond that point is where you get the artifacts and headaches.

  3. FredDibnahProtege
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    3d is a distraction ...

    Good ol' Auntie for realising 3D is a gimmick that is more about the Cinema's being able to generate more money per seat. 3D adds little to the film experience (beyond annoying glasses, tired eyes, darker colours and an empty wallet) and it's all still about the story and direction (don't believe me - watch any of the 3d films in 2D and you'll enjoy it more)

    As for 3D in the home - good grief! Are you really going to sit there in your £50 goggles with your mates watching the footie? I doubt it ...

  4. Sampler


    In time for the Olympics then?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Killer app

      I think you might have stumbled upon the thing that will sell 3D like the proverbial hot cakes.

      3D Womens' Beach Volleyball.

  5. A. Lewis
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    Good ol' Auntie weighing in with some sense!

  6. Natalie Gritpants

    Would rather have HD.

    I rarely watch TV with my eyes horizontal so I don't want 3D, I would rather use the bandwidth to have more channels in HD.

  7. David 155

    slow down

    They havent switched analogue off yet or got everything in HD. One thing at a time eh?

  8. Chad H.


    Sounds like the BBC is on target to be ready right after the fad ends.

    3d movies is like video calling. Something we think we want - something marketers tell us we want - but other than the occasional blip where we're told it's ready to go mainstream and bigtime, ultimately fizzles.

  9. Chris Martin 2
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    Investigate the Technology

    I dont understand why the want time and money to investigate the technology, if they are commimng that late to it can't they take some best practice from other broadcasters such as sky?

  10. Zimmer

    Disability Discrimination Act, now in Equality Act 2010

    People not being able see theirTV prog properly when transmitted in 3D (only one eye, or poor 3D vision due to lazy eye etc....) could be another (unwanted) hurdle for the broadcasters regarding the above Act.

    Say NO 2 3D ... catchy, eh ?

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. Cameron Colley

    3d sounds fun...

    Just a shame I'll never be able to see it.

    Should. I register as disabled now or wait until 3D is more widespread?

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