back to article US companies added lots of jobs last month

A snowy January put hiring in the United States on ice, but it looks like things thawed out a bit in February. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the arm of the US Department of Labor that counts the employed, the unemployed, and that little-known third category of people who are neither, said last Friday that the US economy …


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  1. Michael Hawkes

    Job titles are problematic

    Job titles wouldn't be a good way to track jobs either. Tracking by job titles seems to imply skills that are easily transferable, but a lab technician for an optical shop would probably have a hard time working as a lab technician for a pathology lab, and presumably they both require different skill sets than a lab technician in a university computer lab.

  2. Tom 13

    The BLS numbers overstate the good news.

    Of those 195,000 jobs about 60,000 are known to be temporary jobs - 6 month stints that they know up front won't become full-time.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

    The count is off by a factor of 100% considering the number of unemployed and UNDER-employed. The Lies says it all.

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