back to article NEC goes out on a limb with arm-tap gadget control

NEC has taken Nintendo's Wii Remote to its logical conclusion and announced that it is developing device controls you wear on your wrist. Each watch-like gadget comprises an accelerometer for motion sensing, plus sensors that register touches to the arm. The sensors divide the arm into four zones, NEC said: the upper, middle …


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  1. Crazy Operations Guy

    Dialing a phone by gestures?

    So could I put my work as 'macarena' and the girl as 'The hustle'? I can see it already, someone doing the Chicken dance to call a taxi.

  2. Ammaross Danan


    Or you can just put big gel-soft-type buttons on the wristband.... I wonder how this setup would react during jumping jacks, since it seems to be pitched as a "while exercising" device that can detect hand claps.....

  3. Gordon 10 Silver badge


    Is there a Market for this with next gen UI tools like kinect?

  4. Richard Scratcher


    I hope this gadget is robust enough to actually wear and doesn't break like my self-winding watch did. I overwound it while I was watching Baywatch.

  5. TheProf Silver badge

    Talking Heads

    Then we'll all look like David Byrne in the Once In A Lifetime video. Only stupider.

  6. JaitcH

    I wonder what applications DARPA will have in mind for US clapping soldiers?

    So I guess we can see clapping, arm waving soldiers in the future as they direct their heavy guns or order in a drone to knock off some innocent.

    Different, anyway.

  7. Tigra 07 Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Which genius thought that one up...

    "and mobile phones that may be operated remotely while stored in a bag,"

    And what purpose does that have?

    Hello!? Can you hear me?! Sorry, let me just get the phone out my bag so i can hear you...

    1. Kd


      You have never heard of, use, or own a headset, wired, or otherwise...

      Or do you use a dick to phone?

  8. g e

    Forget Rock Band...

    Arm Band, anyone???


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