back to article Mobile app developer heads to the valley

Australian DIY mobile app developer MobileNation has made its international debut at the DEMO start-up conference in the US and is currently dong the VC rounds. MobileNation was the only Australian company of the 53 start-ups selected to launch at the DEMO. Its currently free platform gives non-geeks the tools to create a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Welcome to Silicon Valley!!

    A few pointers for new residents moving in from Down Under.

    1. Don't confuse your phone number with your house price. They are both 7-digit numbers, so this will take some practice

    2. You can drink the water, but the beer can be kind of iffy

    3. The letter j is pronounced as an h in Spanish and the e is pronounced as a hard A. We don't need Aussies asking where the night life is in "San Josie"

    4. if you keep nice glasses or nice china in a cabinet wwll off the floor, wire the doors to the cabinet shut when you are not using the nice dishes. You'll thank me after your first real earthquake.

    5. In Silicon Valley its more than acceptable to love (the) Sharks.

  2. bdavey

    URL -

    our url is if you want to check out the product. Unfortunately we're not particularly search engine optimised yet...

  3. Neoc

    Missing Information

    Of course, this article may make more sense to someone in the App business, but...

    It told me virtually nothing about the company or the development platform it provides, nor provide links for me to find out more.

    Does it produce Apple Apps? Android Apps? Apps which can easily be recompiled to install on various flavours of mobile OS?

    Enquiring minds would have liked to know.

    1. bdavey

      Re: Missing Information

      Hey Neoc,

      To answer some of your questions, MobileNation produces instant applications that are HTML5 based and work on both Android and iPhone platforms. These can be shared via social networks such as facebook and twitter, or by printing a QR code, and sticking it on a wall somewhere like an art gallery or event. Dont let the HTML5 web-based aspect perturb you however; the produced apps look and feel just like their native cousins.

      In june we'll be releasing native publishing capabilities that will enable you to publish *native* applications to the iOS and android market places, as well as improved support for tablet platforms. The builder is completely web based and enables you to create content in a drag-n-drop fashion you would have grown accustomed do using a desktop application like powerpoint or illustrator.

      Check us out at or videos on


      Ben Davey (Product Architect)

      1. Neoc

        Re: Missing Information

        Thank you.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Sort of a new rad?


      The demo clips on youtube will show you something.

      The glimpse from the demo makes it look that this service would help new developers, and maybe some non-developers that would like to get into it a bit, to get started quickly. It could be a bit of a stretch for a non-developer who is currently doing presentations in powerpoint. Maybe someone currently using access or excel would be familiar enough with data sources to just be off and running from the start.

      The vids show a development interface that appears to include many familiar tools and interfaces from different app building platforms that may be intuitive to anyone already using xcode and/or the android SDK (or the old visual studio for that matter). Tied to what looks like an almost one-click publishing tool and with the licensing is all done up front, distribution might be tidied up some too for someone starting out.

      For someone already in the mobile app stores, this part of the terms quoted below might be a bit of a bump. The intent is clearly to limit the service's claim of ownership of published applications to within the area of providing the service itself, but I'm not sure how that would be effectively limited with this wording?

      "By submitting, posting or displaying the Application on or through the Service you give MobileNation a worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, perform, display and distribute the Application for the sole purpose of enabling MobileNation to provide you with the Service, including storing the Application on its servers."

      Pricing was yet to come according to the site. I'll be interested to see how that is set when it's released.

      Nice to see something more happening with HTML5 on mobile.

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