back to article Intel: 'All your clouds are us inside'

Intel is getting used to being the big chip on the data center campus, and it is not about to let upstart vendors peddling other chips (that means you, Advanced Micro Devices) or architectures (that means you, ARM Holdings and friends) move in on its server turf. Not without a serious fight, at least, and certainly not in the …


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  1. mike_anderson25
    Dead Vulture

    All yours clouds?


  2. Nigel 11

    Surely all down to electricity consumption?

    It will surely mostly come down to how much crunch they can get per kW/h

    The Intel architecture is intrinsically inefficient compared to ARM. With Windows 8 coming to ARM, and ARM servers coming to market, I wouldn't bet on Intel x86-64 being the dominant server architecture a decade hence.

    Intel won't necessarily lose out - their process know-how ought to let them make the most efficient CPUs, even if they lose their stranglehold on the architecture.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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