back to article Google ads banned from Facebook apps

Facebook applications are now barred from using Google's AdSense advertising network, and though the story behind the ban is less than clear, we can safely blame it on the increasingly heated rivalry between the two web giants. Last week, Facebook unveiled its first official list of approved advertisers for the Facebook …


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  1. ratfox

    I don't get it

    Isn't the whole point of targeted advertising that the ads are more likely to advertise something that is of interest to the viewer? Isn't Google top in advertising because they do that well?

    If the ad provider does not use data from the viewer, doesn't it remove the whole premise of targeted advertising, meaning they can only show random ads that are less likely to be of interest to the viewer?

    Not that I care, but it seems to me that Facebook is opting to have irrelevant ads.

  2. winrez

    Microsoft's adsense is also missing

    its not just a Google thing which leads to the conclusion that they both are taking their times for writing up legal agreements with Facebook.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Some say it was this....

    "For the purpose of ensuring that Facebook is able to maintain a direct relationship with the Advertising Provider, the Advertising Provider agrees to provide to Facebook the names, email addresses, and business addresses of all principals. In addition, upon request, the Advertising Provider agrees to provide Facebook the names of and contact information for any employees and/or contractors and to specify those employees and/or contractors involved in designing, targeting, serving advertising related products/services, or otherwise providing any services covered by this Agreement."

    So for Google that basically means giving the names of everyone working on AdSense, even if they are not actually direct employees of Google - which probably contravenes privacy clauses in their own contracts.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    you know the rest

    F(#K Facebook PERIOD.

  5. Franklin 0

    Class-mates .(dot) comb

    and infosqueek are going to kill these guys; you can't just be a power-hungry dolt like this.

    1. O RLY


      How do you figure? Classmates had its chance and blew it when they started charging for premium features that one gets for free from Facebook. By "for free", I mean "in exchange for lots of valuable personal information" of course, but not what Classmates wanted in the form of a credit card number. What will kill Facebook will be Facebook, namely, an error that alienates a major fraction of its users.

  6. JP19

    By the wayside

    Facebook will fall by the wayside with an opensource alternative, just like myspace was displaced. It's only a matter of time. Go public, get your money and move on. The ride is over and people are spending less and less time on FB.

    1. Atonnis


      I'll first iterate that I'm not a Facebook fan in the slightest.

      However, Facebook may not be the most-talked-about subject of the day every day any more, but it HAS managed to hold itself in place by going the successful route of it's possible paths.

      FB would either go down as another old service no-one bothers with any more, OR - where it seems to have gone for many people - it would become such a basic staple in peoples' lives that it doesn't need mentioning any more. Social networking is not the domain of the 'cool' or technie-types any more, it's just become a normal thing.

  7. deadmonkey


    None of the non-techy facebook users I know are users of the alternatives Franklin suggests and nor were m/any of them users of myspace that JP mentioned.

    I think you both underestimate its reach and the percentage of folks who are on it, I know there's only a minority of my friends or family who aren't on it and that's pretty unprecedented.

    Personally I couldn't care whose ads I have to ignore, as long as they're not so intrusive that I can ignore them :)

  8. karakalWitchOfTheWest

    Facebook has ads?

    I never noticed, as I never see any other advertisements on the web...Maybe my adblocker is to blame?

  9. dssf

    So, what if the advertiser ASKS the user to sign up and

    permit use of their data?

    Fb does NOT own my information, regardless of what it thinks. If it did, then it could stop me from wholesale copying and pasting or synchronizing my posts and URLS and photos at other sites, and it could stop me from selling or sharing my photos with others. I, OTOH, CAN and DO have the right to limit fb's use of my photos and posts to just maintaining the integrity of my profile so my FRIENDS can interact with it. Their downstream use or misuse of my content doesn't entitle fb to monetarily exploit my work other than to allow advertisiers to target me with ads.

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