back to article Turkey bans Google Blogger over pirated football feeds

A court has banned Google's Blogger service in Turkey over a row about pirated football feeds. A local court outlawed the service in response to a complaint by satellite TV firm Digiturk that streaming media feeds from local games were appearing on multiple Blogger profiles. An estimated 600,000 Turks use Google's service to …


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  1. NukEvil


    That would take to mean real football, and not that flopper soccer "sport", then?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Check the URL

      This site is operated from outside of the one country in the world that uses the name football for a sport derived from rugby in which you carry the ball in your hands rather the kick the ball with your foot, hence the name foot-ball (not going to fast for you are we?).

      Football is an internationally played sport unlike your sport "American football" as it is known throughout the rest of the world where it is much laughed at as a form of rugby for girlie men who wear suits with shoulder pads and big helmets to avoid smudging their eye-liner.

      Dam it I just feed the troll

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Next time you're in Turkey, why don't you ask someone of they like that flopper soccer crap.

  3. Buzzword

    Blogger supports streaming?

    If I'm not mistaken, Blogger doesn't support streaming. At worst the offending blogs simply contain <embed> tags pointing to the real rogues. Shame the courts don't understand this.

  4. Tron

    Tunisia. Egypt. Libya.

    Keep on pissing off your people. See where it gets you.

  5. UBfusion

    Ban Google altogether

    And how do people find said video streams in the first place? Via Google search I presume. Unless Google (and all search machines) are banned altogether, satTV providers are out of luck.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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