back to article Ten... fantasy swords you wish you owned

At Reg Hardware, with the honorable exception of videogames, we tend to talk up tools that generally assist in everyday life. Today, though, we're going to break tradition altogether and run through some weaponry. Well, bladed replicas to be precise. If you've ever fancied yourself as a modern-day knight - Jedi or Dunedain - or …


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  1. Doug Glass

    Only and Idiot ...

    ... brings a knife to a Glock fight.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Who ?

      Who's Only ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What no Chainsword?

    Guess GW is protecting its "rights" as hevily as ever.

    As an aside my son made his own Wolverine claws at school - 8 lollipop sticks and a piece of sellotape.

    1. Anton Ivanov
      Thumb Down

      Well most interesting blades are missing

      Yeah right.

      The greatest fantasy blade list without Greyswandir on it.

      My coat. The one with the suspicious scabbard under it.

  3. Whitter
    Thumb Up

    Stormbringer commin', time to die...

    Aye, no a bad list like, but me, I'd go for Raven Armory's Stormbringer

    1. Nick G


      Love the special edition with Mournblade as well! The price however...

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Sorry, you missed both of the fantasy swords I'd want to own AND included Wolverine's claws which aren't a sword.

    Of the two swords that should have been here, you missed the Japanese blade with the steel folded two hundred times, as wielded by Juan-Sachez Villalobos Ramirez, and taken by Connor Macleod after his death - in Highlander (1986), and the blade made for the six-fingered Count Rugen by Domingo Montoya, and wielded by his son Inigo in a twenty year quest for revenge - in The Princess Bride (1987)

    Most of the blades here, pfft, are imitators.

    1. Paul_Murphy



    2. Dayjo
      Thumb Up

      Princess Bride

      Definitely the sword from The Princess Bride... definitely.

      Perhaps the Master Sword from Ocarina of Time :D

    3. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      Connor MacLeod's katana

      ^ This.

      Some of my choices would have been: Hanzo Sword. Glamdring. Those gladii in the film "Gladiator". Err.. um... Frostmourne.. (Hey, it's less embarrassing than a light sabre).

      Interesting article nevertheless.

    4. Marvin the Martian

      "Wolverine's claws which aren't a sword"

      How are they not swords? Because they pierce, like a floret?

      1. Rex Dart


        Because they are CLAWS. Raptors didn't have swords and neither does Wolverine. He doesn't hold them, they grow from his hands.

  5. lewton

    Klingon Sword material

    Good job they didn't make it from baakelite...

  6. Pavlovs well trained dog

    and what of the Green Destiny?

    Surely - good sir - surely, it warrants a prize place in any list?

  7. Boggwoppit

    two that are made

    to replace two none swords good as they are Riddick: Saber Clawsand Wolverine's Claw

  8. Zetribe

    Two swords you wouldn't want to own

    Elric of Melnibone's Stormbringer and Anomander Rake's Dragnipur deserve a mention

    1. Matthew Malthouse

      Those were the ones...

      That occurred to me.

      Except as "must haves". :)

  9. Jim 59


    I hate to be horrid, but acquiring replica "fantasy" swords is dangerous, possible illegal, and massively massively massively uncool. Nerds no longer need this kind of thing. They rule the real world now, they don't have to fantasize about ruling fantasy worlds.

    And Prof Tolkien wouldn't like it either.

    If you feel a fantasy weapon coming on, get down to the local rowing/running/football/rugby club and exercise until the feeling goes away.

    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


      ^ Fails to see the point.

      Dangerous. Tick.

      Probably Illegal. Tick (here anyways, without a permit)

      Massively, massively uncool? Bzzzzt... WRONG.

      Horrid you are? I'll leave the bleeding obvious. :P

      BTW, the standard way a nerd would deal with a fantasy weapon coming on would probably be to go get a box of tissues and prawn....

      1. Martin

        So let me think about this...

        ...I go to someone's house, and they have a sword hanging on the wall.

        "That's interesting", says I. "What is it?"

        "Ah, that's a replica of Aragorn's sword from Lord of the Rings"

        "So it's a replica of an imaginary sword owned by an imaginary hero from an imaginary place, right?"

        "Er - yes. But it's really cool."

        Riiiight. I'm with the original poster. Never mind the legality or the safety. Massively, massively uncool works for me.

    2. Pirate Dave Silver badge


      perhaps you'd rather we all carried sakabatos...

  10. A. Coatsworth Silver badge

    No Master Sword?

    Link will have something to say about this oversight.

    ... or maybe not...

    1. Ammaross Danan


      Bring on the Master Sword!

      While we're at it, The Sword of Truth, and perhaps Frostmourne, even though it does have a bit of silliness to it as opposed to some of the other more-awesome blades of Warcraft....

      1. mafoo

        better yet...

        ... The sword of a thousand truths.

    2. LinkOfHyrule

      I have nothing to say on the matter actually

      I have nothing to say on the matter actually.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Blood and Souls...

    indeed, where's Stormbringer? What's all this gaming nonsense?

    @Jim 59 - I assume that's your age, you boring old sod? And as for Tolkien, he was a stuck up old Tory too.

  12. Bub

    Surely Nothung should have a mention?

    As it was broken, and reforged by a hero seeking a ring of great power - and corruption - at least fifty years before Narsil.

  13. David Lester

    Hrunting Hellfire!!! ...

    ... you've only forgotten the most famous sword in Anglo-Saxon folklore (we'll ignore the Romano-British Excalibur, shall we?)

  14. Reality Dysfunction
    Thumb Up

    what about..

    Callandor.. why slice and dice when you can lay waste to entire cities

    1. Michael Hoffmann Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Yes, this!

      So glad at least *somebody* put this fantasy universe on the list!

      I was going to state "Power-wrought heron-marked blade".

      Problem with Callandor is that you have to have women help you wield it. And I'm not talking Frank Franzetta style...

  15. Anonymous Coward


    What about those thingies from halo?

    PS - I'm expecting The Daily Mail anti-knife/gun brigade to crash this forum with their unique sense of outrage in 3...2...1....

  16. KroSha


    For an axe, Snaga the Sender, as wielded by Druss the Legend.

    And of course, Stormbringer.

    Both by Raven Armoury, for the cost of whichever arm you don't want to hold it in.

  17. The Calvinator

    Emos don't count?

    But it's not as if they have souls. . .

    BTW, I look forward to the roundup up of the ten best tactical nuclear weapons.

    1. Aaron Em

      Davy Crockett #1

      Not because it's the most feasible to use, but because you just can't beat the awesome.

  18. Zetribe

    Two Swords I would like to own

    Corwin of Amber's Grayswandir or Ichigo Kurasaki's Zangetsu

  19. lee harvey osmond

    Where is Naomi Campbell's hardened-edge cellphone?

    I'm told that Flavio Briatore used to collect martial arts paraphernalia, and once, while still stepping out with Naomi Campbell, he showed her his favourite antique shuriken.

    Allegedly, she examined it closely before asking where one inserted the SIM card.

    1. The Calvinator

      Good one

      but you ain't foolin' me. Naomi Campbell has no idea what a SIM card is.

  20. Sir Smokesalot

    No Kring?

    He would definitely have something to say about it!

  21. Thomas 4

    Two more from me

    I actually own a replica of Sting from Lord of The Rings, made by the same guys that do the others. It's beautifully engraved and I'm told it glows when goblins approach. As I live in a goblin free area though I haven't had a chance to see it in action yet.

    Would also give someone's right arm for a Soul Reaver from the Legacy of Kain series.

  22. Andy Farley

    The important thing…about a lightsabre is

    if it doesn’t come on, don’t look in the top while hitting the handle.

  23. mad_dr

    Worried about looking like a chump?

    Then make sure you buy your sword from these guys!

    Then you can look JUST like them!!

  24. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Hawk the slayer?

    No mindsword from Hawk the Slayer? :)

  25. Jim 59

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

    Not exactly fantasy, but Sharpe's cavalry sword and Harper's 7 barreled gun.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Fictional/historical firearms.....

      If we're looking down this route, how about the lasers from the early series of Blake's 7? Kind of like a torch on a phone cord.

      Everyone tends to look at reproduction Phasers, but what about the more obscure. A PPG from Babylon 5, or maybe Scaramanga's Golden Gun.....

    2. Aussie Brusader

      re: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

      I'd forgotten about those. Time to clean the dust of those books.

  26. Haku

    Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

    I own 3 of these; original Luke ep VI which is the only one of the range lit by EL paper, Luke ep IV and Darth ep IV.

    I don't mind admitting I'm a complete geek when it comes to these things, and I can't swordfight to save my life but they're just too cool, when I show people them they are also similarly impressed with the look, weight, sounds and the glow of the blades.

  27. Dapprman

    There is just one to consider ...

    And that must be Stormbringer - the ultimate in evil, as wielded by one of fictions greatest anti-heroes.

    Must admit I was also going to suggest some of the swords from Fred Saberhagen's Books of Swords and Books of Lost Swords series - good books and a great concept, each sword gives a boon, but also demands a bain as well for it's use.

  28. Stevie


    Your list fails to so much as mention Fighter's Sword-Chucks, and therefore sucks.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A good fantasy sword... a euphemism too far.

  30. Clockworkseer

    and this is why larp is always more fun than reality

    If you don't mind it being latex (and thus not having any shred of illegality about it) you can get a chainsword:

    ...and the geek shall inherit the earth.

    1. neb

      and Gdubs licensing & legal dept....

      ...will hit them with cease and desists before you can refresh the page

      don't get me started on what they did to talisman, bastards!

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "...English folklore, the sword of King Arthur"

    I take it that should mean english speaking folklore as opposed to folk lore of England? Since, as anyone with the inteligence to actually look for details knows that the Arthurian legend is Welsh in origin.

    Robin Hood is yours, Arthur is ours...

    1. deadlockvictim

      Welsh vs. British vs. English

      Why don't you compromise and call it British (as in the Celtic invaders of the island of Britain). The Welsh will be happy as they are pure British than the Anglo-Saxons (huh, Germans) Johann-come-Latelies and the sentence becomes even more correct.

    2. Peter Kay

      Correction to your correction - I think you mean French, not Welsh

      The Arthurian legends are in reality a mixture of English, French and Welsh mythology. Apart from the finer details, this influence can be gathered from the very English title of Malory's books 'Le Morte d'Arthur'...

      Alternatively you might want to check out The Quest of the Holy Grail (actually don't - it's a terribly tedious book with constant Christian symbolism and one dimensional characters) written by a Frenchman or the various other collections of myths, also written by the French.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Correction to your correction to the other correction - No, I mean Welsh

        Geoffrey of Monmouth was the guy who came up with the idea. The French, like others, took it and ran with it, but the Arthurian legend is Welsh in origin.

  32. Rex Dart

    Nice list...

    ..if you don't read books. Too many videogame, movie, picturebook swords (and non-swords), not enough Stormbringer. Even the Dragonslayer from Berserk would be better suited than Wolverine's claws.

  33. Peter 66

    Missed out two

    He man's and Lion-o's from Thundercats

    That is all

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just so you know

    Buying swords for decoration is not illegal in the UK. You can't buy katanas/curved bladed swords over 50cm unless you're a martial artist or re-enactor (or it's an antique).

    I've got the Duncan Mcleod katana (licensed replica, not a chinese knock-off) which I bought in around 2003 (before the new law) and I think it's nicer looking than the movie version.

    Personally, I would love Snaga the Sender (The blades of no return...) Could quite happily wander into work with that over my shoulder. But it's about £3500.

    As for Jim59, What does it matter to you that someone likes collecting swords? It's not dangerous in the slightest, and it's not nerdy at all. There are plenty of people that collect replica weapons, just as there are plenty of people who collect books etc and they're not called nerds. :)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Wait wait wait guys had a law passed sometime after *2003* restricting the purchase of swords?

      Was there some sort of major incident? A disturbing rise in sword related incidents? The Bullet Tooth Tony scenes in Snatch?

      Do tell!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        Samurai Sword ban

        What happened is that Britain is effectively ruled by tabloid newspapers and even though crimes involving Samurai swords only accounted for about 0.001% of violent crimes involving weapons the last Nu Labour government passed a law intended to ban Samurai swords, by making their sale or manufacture illegal (Basically a curved blade over a certain length), ignoring the fact that most violence is committed with standard kitchen knives and pandering to the tabloid media who regularly refer to attacks by kitchen knives and machetes as "vicious samurai sword attacks", as it sounds better and cooler.

        The law has turned out to be a total farce, martial artists and collectors lobbied for, and got exemptions for hand forged traditionally made blades which exempted many carbon steel sharp blades from the ban however iai-to which are blunt practice swords used by many martial artists for practice are covered, and you need to belong to a martial arts club or theater or re-enactment group to buy one.

        Similar silly situation to replica and airsoft guns which must be bright florescent colours to be sold legally, noticed the woefully bad sci fi drama "outcasts" has characters using bright orange painted firearms, so how long before real firearms are recognised as being painted bright orange?

        1. DPWDC

          Sticks and stones

          Should have been banned - surelly they contribute to more deaths.

          1. Anonymous Coward

            No they don't

            Look at the statistics, the number of attacks using actual samurai sword replica's is ridiculously small (average about or less than 1 per year out of thousands of knife crimes) and for very good reasons, if you are thinking of carrying a knife what would you choose?, something with a 26inch blade which can be spotted 100 yards away and can only be construed as a weapon, or a kitchen knife you can more easily hide, and can be used in confined areas.

            There is also the added advantage with a plain old kitchen knife of plausible excuses like "I lent it to a mate cos he's just moved house, now I'm taking it home", or that old favorite every police officer has heard "I'm a chef and I was just taking it to/from work".

            There are many martial artists, collectors and enthusiasts who collect swords not because they are psycho's but because they are interested in the subject, the fact there are suppliers selling such products shows this.

            The reality of walking down your local high street with a sword would be that you would quickly be either tazered or shot by an armed response unit, that's why criminals avoid them.

    2. Jim 59


      The "nerdy" accusation is just my prejudice really. Some people, like yourself, seem to be genuine collectors with an legitimate hobby. However, one suspects that for others, perhaps younger people, a retreat into fantasy is an easy option, displacing other activities that would be more likely to build their characters and help them socially.

      The Lord of the Rings is the best book I ever read. But I don't want to fondle a replica of Anduril, or tell the girls how it shimmers blue when orcs are about. Now if I could get my hands on the *real* Anduril...

  35. Anonymous Coward


    ...from the Oblivion extension packs. Made from a shard of obsidian, swallows souls, and looks lovely.

  36. This post has been deleted by its author

  37. Lord Lien

    No Sword..... ten is complete with out a Pork Sword!

  38. David Given

    What, no Frostmourne?

    The iconic blade from the uber-geek-fest World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King? (No, I still haven't managed to kill him yet. Dammit.)

    And if you can't afford the $429 metal replica:

    ...then there's always the inflatable version!

    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      Et tu?

      I never got the blasted thing either..

      BUT, WAIT

      (A letter opener sized version. Browsing a bit further indicates there is a variety of such items)

      For the more ... errr... safety inclined I guess. Much more affordable and I guess, more readily available perhaps... Something you could put on your desk although in all likelihood it would end up being pinched.

  39. Colin Miller
    Dead Vulture


    What? No Vorpal sword?

    Although that doesn't really look like John Tenniel's drawings.

  40. Nuffnuff

    Terminus Est

    By far the coolest weapon in fantasylanddom, thanks to the febrile imagination of Gene Wolfe.

    An executioner's weapon with mercury in a hollowed channel in the spine, one edge for disposing of men and the other for women.

    Not that I'd want a replica, hard to justify a use for it really unless you eat very large sandwiches.

  41. Matt Brigden

    Its not the sword that is dangerous

    Its the idiot wielding it . Pretty much every report you see in the papers is some idiot chav with a £20 wallhanger that will barely cut air . Those of us who collect pay a hell of a lot more for our hobby . I own an assortment of swords and daggers . All of which in the wrong hands are lethal . But then again so is a screwdriver .

    Mines thye one with the slit in the back for my katana .

  42. sabroni Silver badge

    Can't believe I have to point this out

    Wolverine isn't in every X-man comic, the original x-men were cyclops, marvel girl, iceman, the beast and angel with Professor X as mentor. Wolverine came as part of the New X-men, a reboot of the group that had wolverine, night crawler, storm, colossus and i believe cyclops stuck around as leader.

    I thought you people were supposed to be geeks!

  43. Phil 54
    Paris Hilton

    Since there are already non-swords in the list...

    I vote for the chainsaw attached to the stump of a hand from "Evil Dead"

    **'cause she'll swallow (but not your soul)

  44. Fake-Name

    Al sword-shaped-objects

    I don't see a single sword on this list.

    Sure, there are plenty of sword shaped objects, but none of the things here are swords.

    For instance, take an exacting replica of a car from cardboard. It may look amazing, and may even resemble the original car, but if you try to drive it, it'll go nowhere. The same applies here.

    I strongly doubt that any of the items listed here are actually useable as swords. Take one and hit a hard metal object (another sword, for example). You'll either knick the blade severely, break the blade entirely, or have the blade simply separate from the handle (I doubt anything here has a real tang, too).

    That's just pathetic.

    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


      Hypothetically, take the replica Riddick's daggers in the OA and stab someone with it...

      Do you think the outcome will be much different from being stabbed by a K-Bar, replica tanto or a Kitchen Devil's cooking knife?

      I assure you not.

  45. tirk

    Like other missing options, not strictly fantasy...

    Variable sword, from Larry Niven's @Known Space' series. A variable length, molecular monofilament protected by a stasis field.

  46. Jacqui

    Chronicles of morgaine - Changeling

    OK not fantasy - more scifa - but the concept is truly terrifying.

    And I know quite a few non nerds with heaps of weaponry on the walls.

    Boys toys are not solely a nerd thing :-)


  47. Chris 61


    What no Conan sword?

  48. Bob Foster

    Freddy Krueger wrongly accused

    In the South Park "Insheeption" episode it was revealed that Freddy was only killing those teenagers for the US Secret Service to prevent the Russians taking over

  49. Anonymous Coward

    Holy Rood Blade - Vgrant Story.

    I'm surprised no-one has done a replica of the Holy Rood/Holy Win Blade from Vagrant Story. It's insanely unwieldly/impractical, but impressive to look at.

  50. mark adrian bell


    Along with the above posters, I vote for Elric's infamous black blade, Stormbringer. Elric and Stormbringer were created by the great British fantasy writer, Michael Moorecock. And after going on 30 years, where is my Elric movie?

    1. KroSha


      What's the chances that it would be done properly? Or are they more likely to give it to Uwe Boll or M. Night Shyamalan?

  51. Lu

    still some missing

    These 3 come to mind:

    The Sword of Truth

    The Sword of Riva (Eddings)

    and surely THE sword to have if u gonna have a replica of a fictional sword:

    Gatz' (Gutts) sword from the anime Berserk!!


    that's it on the left. Yes, it's 60 inches long.

  52. Charles E

    Zatoichi's Cane Sword

    That's the only fantasy sword I want.

  53. Shiny_Kit

    A waste of steel

    Don't see the point myself (pardon the pun !). If you want a sword, at least get a decent one - google Don Fogg, Scott Slobodian or Michael Bell and have a look at some proper craftsmanship. Just don't look at the prices...

  54. Allan George Dyer

    I thought there was a law...

    "There's no law against slaying vampires either"

    How about mutilating a corpse? I mean, you end up with a dead body, and NOBODY is going to believe your explanation.

    (unless you're lucky enough to encounter one that conveniently crumbles into dust, when you only have one of those pesky "offensive weapon" charges to handle)

    Mine's the one with the flat space technology.

  55. Peter Clarke 1

    Still something missing

    Not one mention yet of the Predator wrist blades, built to resist acid blood!

    Do you have to be over 7 foot to own one?

  56. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Grayswandir gets my vote, followed by Stormbringer

    I even named my son "Corwin" after the anti hero wielding it.(I thought "Eric" was a bit much)

    For Paris' sake,I should point out that no one has mentioned the best sword of them all; the pork sword!!

  57. Michael 10

    These all seem a bit...underpowered.

    No Slayer Scythe? I am disappoint.

    Three ways to kill vampires and the power to give slayer powers to an army? Sign me up.

  58. John Tserkezis
    Thumb Down

    Are you guys kidding?

    Really, no bat'leth? How could you leave that out?

  59. Leeroy

    Final Fantasy

    Since when did Final Fantasy have the "patent" on attaching a knife / sword to a gun ?

    I am sure if anyone has a case for banning replica weapons it would be H & K for continual use of its weapons in nearly all (semi realistic) FPS and war games.

    As far as i am aware most ground troops the world over carry a bayonet for attachment to their rifle during combat, they are also used for cutting barbed wire with the scabbard, ripping out throats with the serrated edge and it even has a blood channel to ease removal from the enemy and they are not even that sharp. Probably a lot more deadly than anything Square Enix can come up with.

  60. TheOtherHobbbes
    Dead Vulture

    Can we have

    sex toys next?

    Couldn't possibly be any less relevant to the Reg than this nonsense.

  61. RyokuMas

    I never understood lightsabres...

    The blade is effectively a beam, right?

    So it won't have any mass...

    So - unless weighted otherwise due to components - the weapon's centre of gravity is smack in the middle of the hilt, and certainly not somewhere in the blade, like a traditional lump-of-metal sword...

    ... so why the heck do so many people wield them two-handed?!? No wonder Vader won so many fights - speed and agility for the win!

  62. Neur0mancer

    Not a member of reghardware? Create a new account here.

    My nerd brother bought me the Riddick things for my birthday.

    Worst. Birthday. Ever.

  63. grs1961

    ...can't be treated seriously...

    It ignores (at least) these (some already mentioned):

    Stormbringer, Mournblade, and its/their various other incarnations from Moorcock's "Eternal Hero" series.

    The swords from Saberhagen's "The Book of Swords" series.

    Grayswandir, of course. And its counterpart in Tir-na N'goth.

    Blackwand, Pathfinder, Nightslayer, Lady Teldra/Godslayer/Remover-of-aspects-of-deity, Iceflame (although it appears as a dagger on Sethra's belt, given that Lady Teldra changes form why can't Iceflame?) from Brust's "Dragaera" series.

    Oh, and Captain Carrot's sword from Pratchett's "Discworld", probably the most *unmagical* sword in all the universes, but very, very sharp.

    And no doubt many others I shall recall after I click on submit.

  64. Anonymous Coward

    That's not a bat'leth.

    Trust me, I've spent quite while looking for a good quality replica bat'leth, an that isn't one. The shape is completely wrong and it has two blades with a gap as opposed to a curved blade with two points.

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