back to article Charlie Sheen explodes onto Twitter

Now that he has a bit of time on his hands, actor and keen supporter of LA's nose candy and helpful lady industries Charlie Sheen has decided to give forth on Twitter. They hardly represent a fascinating insight into the mind of the man who thought that trousering $2m an episode for Two And A Half Men was inadequate recompense …


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  1. Annihilator

    That's how I roll..

    This may be the straw that breaks my resistance to Twitter - I may have to join up just to follow this new-world David Brent.

    Wait, it's not a character? Winning!

  2. It wasnt me
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    I havent seen 2.5 men.....

    .......but I did hear some clips from an interview with the guy yesterday. And I fully support his claims that he is worth 2 million for half an hour. He was hilarious. He came across as the bastard offspring of Steve Jobs and Colonel Gadaffi. Absolutely delusional, but a whole new level of entertainment.

    Disclaimer: I am not a bad human being. If I could muster any sympathy for self promoting z-list celebutards then I'm sure I would have felt sorry for him.

    1. Citizen Kaned


      z-list? he is one of the most popular people on USA TV and been in loads of hollywood movies. hardly z-list.

      1. Bilgepipe


        "z-list? he is one of the most popular people on USA TV and been in loads of hollywood movies. hardly z-list."

        Well he sure isn't A-list; he's a passable character actor at best. And with his show now off the air his only source of publicity is Twitter and whatever news channel he shows up on next.

        He's also as mad as a bag of badgers.

        1. Ilgaz

          eh it was sort of reality show

          TV viewers aren't that dumb, they knew they were watching life at Hollywood while watching that sitcom. You can't make a reality-show sitcom without a corrupt actor playing himself.

          That show is dead.

        2. Jerome 0


          "Well he sure isn't A-list; he's a passable character actor at best."

          Since when did being A-list have anything to do with character acting? Are we talking about the same Hollywood?

  3. Steve Brammer
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    See also the ramblings of @amcharliesheen which purports to be Charlie Sheen's brain's own twitter feed :-)!/amcharliesheen

  4. Thomas 18

    Your worth as an actor

    Is entirely dependent on how much your product brings in. You deserve a share of the profits equivalent to your contribution to the product's success. If a show makes a fortune (which I'm assuming this show does) then Sheen deserves his cut.

    Demanding millions of dollars is fine for a half hour show if the producers and station is getting millions more for doing sod all.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    If that Rachel Oberlin is THE Bree Olsen...I mean, gosh. I advise curious parties not to google her 'stage name' at work.

    1. Chimpofdoom!
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      google her name.. do it!! DOOOOO ITT!!

      Don't google her name... too late... damn it was worth it!

    2. William Towle
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      Re: Blimey

      Metro even captioned a vidcap to that effect (yesterday, I think, but don't have it to hand).

      This article dithers between deciding which names to use quite "effectively":

      Quality research though :)

  6. liquidphantom
    Paris Hilton

    Depends on where you work

    That is Bree Olsen yes, and there is no internet policy where I work, what a shame :)

    Paris because surely she is next on Sheen's tap list

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm totally in the octagon for this

    when a man's this determined to go out in a glorious blaze of self-destruction, you might as well just pull up a deckchair and observe proceedings from a safe distance, and, ideally, another continent.

  8. g e

    That's Charlie Sheen these days?

    Honestly, I thought it was Russ Abott!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    felt sorry for guy

    It was all OK until they claimed he was sort of a nazi just because he was on Alex Jones radio show. The open letter issue happened later, probably because of the claim.

    Alex Jones could be a paranoid freak, even at levels of insanity but he isn't anti semitic or nazi of any kind, guy is married to a jewish woman. These kind isn't either far left or far right.

    For a TV star like Sheen, being called a nazi is clearly a death sentence. Of course I speak about his career. There seems to be another issue as all "alternative left media" of USA launched a full scale attack against him.

    In fact, claiming such popular actors are some sort of closet nazis may really serve to the real neo nazis, not the bald punks but people having millions of dollars and wear ties. Remember the sopranos episode where some tough guy was calling everything genocide? Who went nuts against him?

  10. Dele-Himself
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    Cant wait

    Im pulling up a deckchair to watch this breakdown

  11. thejackle

    I goggled, I mean googled !

    Nice to see he has found himself such a sociable young lady. Judging by her pictures, she seems very, very friendly.

    1. koncordski

      2.5 men is fairly bleh comedy central fodder...

      Charlie Sheen however is some kind of hero for the post-modern man. He gets paid millions of dollars for not a lot of work (kudos) and openly admits to holding 72 hour drink & drug fuelled parties with willing and sometimes not so willing (see porn star locked in bathroom) pornstars.

      To quote Ron Burgundy, "I've been coming to the same party for 12 years, and in no way is that depressing."

      Charlie I salute you and your charming young lady friend.

  12. schnide

    Sweet Jesus, what the HELL is he doing?

    I mean, a cap on backwards Charlie - at your age?

  13. Juan Inamillion

    Health and Safety

    She'll have someone's eye out with those if she's not careful...


  14. whats the point of kenny lynch?


    this is starting to smell like a set-up......has he been taking advice from joaquin phoenix?

  15. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Twitter's Value

    Just went from 4.5 billion to 99p

  16. Christian Berger

    Different countries - Different tastes

    I mean Charlie Sheen might be on the Z-list in most of Europe, but this is the US, a completely different culture. While "The Beatles" might be a very popular band in the UK, it's hardly known in the US. On the other hand, popular US band "The Shaggs" is essentially unknown in the UK.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      @ Different countries - Different tastes

      Eh? The US hardly knows The Beatles? ROFLOL, not only were they extremely popular till recent years, it's one of the only bands from their era that anyone in US under 30 yo today would recognize. They were orders of magnitude more popular than The Shaggs in the US, which is a group I'd never even heard of as a lifelong US citizen.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a meltdown

    Sheen is going from outrageous to insane but according to him, he's just fine and all is well. All that crack he's been doing must have fried his brain?

  18. JohnG

    Lost custody of his kids

    His ex-wife appears to have used his Twitter postings of an "epic party" lifestyle to persuade a judge issue a court order for her to take custody of their one-year old twins. The boys have apparently now been taken to an undisclosed location.

  19. Steve Evans


    He's also wearing his baseball cap backwards which is normally limited to looking stupid on people half his age... Well done for bridging the generation gap on that one Charlie!

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Big publicity stunt?

    Or what South Park showed in 'Britney's New Look'.

    Either way Sheen has got almost 900k followers on twitter in 20 hours.

    This is going to end in two ways, 1) he'll off himself or 2) he'll make more than $2m for this little string of stunts.

    He is a bonafide nutjob though.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    "Olson and graphic designer Natalie Kenly are currently living with actor Charlie Sheen and are considered by him to be his "family". He also refers to them as his "goddesses".[1] According to Sheen, she is now retired from the adult entertainment industry because of him.[17][18]"

    I'd call him a bastard, but I like him too much...

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

      He's got a great history of violence against women. There's not much there to admire.

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