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Though you wouldn't guess as much from the raucous clamour about the as-yet-unforeseeable outcome of Nokia’s adoption of Windows Phone 7 as its smartphone OS of choice, the Finnish phone giant continues to run a very decent business selling basic handsets to World+Dog. Nokia C1-01 Nokia's C1-01: basic, but bloody good Case …


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  1. James Hughes 1

    Just the ticket

    My cheap Samsung candybar manages 1 (yes, ONE) day on its battery and has shite reception - looks like this will be top of the list as a replacement.

  2. BristolBachelor Gold badge
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    budget voicephone

    I wanted a budget voice/text only phone that acts as a backup / other network / other country phone.

    I bought tht LG GS101 over Christmas (I think revied here). It cost me all of £13 SIM free with a Virgin SIM with £10 credit. I didn't care much for the Virgin SIM, but managed to use the credit anyway!

    So it effectively cost £3. I've charged it twice since Christmas and made a few calls; it's still showing 2 out of 3 battery. It makes/ receives calls and texts. There aren't many options, but it bounces fine.

  3. jayp

    looks good, but have a question...

    Does this, or indeed any S40 Nokia have a built-in threaded-sms view?

    (In fact, is a threaded view available on any S60 handsets?)


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      no and yes

      I don't believe S40 phone do but the latest Symbian^3 phones do its called "Conversational view for SMS" in Nokia speek.

  4. Code Monkey
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    That looks like really good value for taking on hols if you fear having your smartphone nicked or aren't sure you'll be able to charge it up every night.

  5. Arctic fox

    I have to say that I agree.

    On the basis of your description Alun and the specs I have to say that it is very good value for money. If our common back-up phone back at Arctic Fox hall, which is showing its age, (the phone - not our home!) does decide to pass over to the other side then this one is definitely a contender.

  6. DF118

    been waiting for this review

    Cheers Reg, I may have finally found a replacement for my 6310i.

    Any word on the dual-sim version? Will it even be coming to these shores?

  7. Anonymous Coward


    I've got a Nokia 3110 Classic which is a basic brick of a phone. I've only just replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy Europa. The Nokia is about 4yr old and basic as it can be but is a better phone than the Samsung. Better reception, better voice clarity, two weeks from a single charge and robust enough to have been dropped many times without a problem.

    There is something to be said for a solid phone that just works as a phone.

  8. Puck

    I'm still waiting...

    ... for the twin sim version of this product family, already available in developing world. The entry model apparently has 47 days standby...

    1. Goat Jam

      I would not hold your breath on dual SIMs

      If nothing else Nokia do like to pander to their customers (the telcos) and if there is one thing the telcos in so called developed countries don't want you to have it is the ability to pick and choose who you make calls with on a whim.

      They want you signed up and locked in, end of story.

  9. David Pottage

    Looks like a downgrade compared with a Nokia 2730 (That costs the same)

    I have a Nokia 2730 classic, that I brought SIM free for £50 from my Local Carphone Warehouse.

    Compared with the 2730, the Nokia C1 looks like a downgrade. There is no 3G support, and a lower resolution camera and screen.

    The Nokia C1 is a fraction smaller and about 10g lighter, but other than that I can see no benefit,

    Why would anyone buy this phone, when there is a better Nokia available for less money?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      David Pottage your 2730C was subsidised from CPW.

      The unsubsidised price for a 2730C is around £80, the C1-01 isn't the replacement for the 2730C the C2-01 is.

      Nokia 1xxx becomes C1-xx

      Nokia 2xxx becomes C2-xx


    2. Brian 6
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      @David Pottage

      U dont need 3G support on a basic voice phone. 3G puts more strain on the battery so u are better of without it. Yes the camera and screen are lower res. but as far as camera quality goes its still crap v crap. As far as price goes the PC world website is selling the C1 for less than 30 quid. Thats a lot less money than u paid for the 2730.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    What the hell is this?

    It looks like phones used to look, only worse.

    1. David Beck

      This is what phones look like.

      I think what you are referring to are the current "media consumption devices" which include a radio for data access and a speaker/mic pair for access to a telco subsidy. These can be recognised by the sound of "look Mom, I can push things 'round with my finger".

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