back to article Apple iPad 2 snapped in all its skinny glory

A raft of pictures purporting to show the iPad 2 have popped up on the web just hours before the updated tablet will to be unveiled. The snaps come from Chinese-language site DGtle, which undoubtedly has access to the nation's notoriously leaky electronics factories. As we've seen many times before - most recently with the …


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  1. RainForestGuppy

    Fake Fake Fake

    Look at the the first picture on the chinese website. The display isn't even square in the Bezel.

    They should learn to use photshop correctly.

    1. DrXym

      Don't know about that

      At first you appear to be correct, but a second glance at the pic suggests the screen has one of those removable screen protectors you get on new kit and usually peel off. So maybe they turned it on with that still in place and it looks slightly crappy / distorted as a result of that.

    2. hexx


      yep, it's far from perfect :D

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      If some workers in China got ahold of it to photograph and post online, of course it isn't "retail ready". It would likely be defective (such as having a misaligned screen). I'm pretty sure Apple would notice if fully function retail ready models were disappearing off the assembly line.

    4. whats the point of kenny lynch?


      is that the fake version of photoshop?

    5. Asgard


      @"Look at the the first picture on the chinese website. The display isn't even square in the Bezel."

      That's because if you look very closely, you'll see there's one more icon on that side and because of the weight of the extra pixels, its weighing it down on that side more!. ;)

      On a more serious note, its most definitely not Photoshop. All companies produce prototypes including final pre-production prototypes. These photos are most likely of some nearly finished (and most likely fully functional) pre-production prototype. You can see from the image of the iPad laying down, its still got the same slant in the display even though its from another angle. In a hand assembled prototype there could easily be a bit of room to move the display around (or maybe it wasn't fixed into place enough, so it could have moved in the prototype during transport). When its the final production unit, which will be almost entirely machine manufactured, that won't happen.

  2. Ashmanq

    Mock up

    Just looks like a mock up of the new iPad. The screen looks like a picture rather than an LCD screen so Im going to go out on a limb here and say this isnt the real thing. Less then 6 hours to go though till we find out for definite!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    No one cares.

    1. koncordski

      @ AC

      You may or may not care but I think you'll find the technology press and a lot of people that like apple care. Just to be a pedant about it...

    2. Ian Moffatt 1


      'No one cares'

      Are you quite sure about that? The fact that Apple sold millions of the previous model, the world and his/her dog are making a noise about this one and to top it all, you yourself are commenting on a post about it.

      Still sure no one cares?

    3. amanfromearth

      You care enough ...

      ... to read this item which could *only* be about iPad2

    4. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      You cared enough to read and comment my good sir!

      as per...

  4. Little Poppet


    I think a lot of people care: Fanboys and the Consumer.

  5. Scott 9

    Another one?

    Call me silly but I remember when the iPad came out the response even from the fans was something like, "It's just a big iPhone, without the phone part." And from most anyone else, "Why?" So fast forward a year or so and now it's another must have accessory because it's got a bigger screen than other tablets and it's Apple so you get to use all these fun apps. So now you're perpetually wiping your fingerprints off the screen and having to buy a case to protect it and finding out which app you really need to show you're both cool *and* productive.....meanwhile I just keep on with my laptop which has the same size screen, old school "programs" which is what apps are in the first place, and a keyboard to boot.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      "[...] must have accessory [...]"

      Uh, did I miss something? No, this certainly is not a must have accessory. Maybe a "hey I have tons of money laying around to blow on a toy accessory" but little else.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    I was half convinced until the picture with the screen. As if apple would put a screen that bad in an ipad.

  7. Si 1

    Probably the biggest fail about this...

    ... is that it apparently has front and back cameras yet the home screen shows no camera apps. All that effort to fake an iPad 2 and they don't even try to make the screen convincing.

  8. Jamchal
    Thumb Up

    Fake? Don't think so

    Despite the screen being out, it looks to me like the device has been damaged somewhat too (scratches). I reckon this screen issue is a result of a prototype model or something which has came off as faulty assembling from the production line.

    1. DrXym

      Not scratches

      Looks like the protective film most new devices have covering their shiny screens to stop them getting scratched / dusty etc. during production or distribution.

  9. Sandy Ritchie


    Skinny glory? Looks quite thick to me! Classing it as skinny because its narrow at the edges isn't a valid argument. Thats like saying i'm skinny because my fingers are a lot less narrow than my bulging waist.

  10. JDX Gold badge

    Looks like an iPad to me

    If you want to see what the new one looks like, look at the old one and draw a circle on with a marker-pen.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My money is on an iPad 1 Prototype! yes you heard me...a design mockup from before they finalised the spec, without facetime and sd card.

    time will tell..

  12. cs94njw


    I hope the iPad 2 is lighter than the iPad 1 - coz it's starting to look a little brittle.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    trust me - it's real

    shame about the lack of sd card slot....there's also another new software feature that nobody's mentioned yet...

    1. DrXym

      software sim?

      That would be interesting

  14. ratfox
    Jobs Halo

    Wait a day

    You will have all the details

  15. JaitcH

    For the iPhan who needs everything

    < >

    Perhaps The Reg can display it.

  16. klymax

    FCC ID

    This pic on their site:

    Had a very clear FCC ID which leads to:

    the original iPad

  17. BigBruce

    FCC-ID is not correct

    It is a fake as the FCC id shown on it in the pictures BCG-E2381A is that for the original IPAD.

    So they have just copied that from the original IPAD.

    Any one can look up the FCC ID. Just Google FCC ID and look up the links.

    Apples Grantee code is BCG and they have over 500 devices listed.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    I call it real

    All that effort to fake it? Or maybe it's actually real. Looks real enough to me.

    People saying it isn't thin need to take a closer look at the pictures. The total depth of it looks to be the same as the "slab" part of the original model, which then tapered outwards so was much thicker.

    Even so, it's hardly groundbreaking and iOS is looking dated compared to WP7 with it's glorious UI and social networking integration.

  19. Alan Firminger

    What does the top pic show ?

    I see a laptop, ajar, but with the screen on the outside. Does it open and twist ? Or separate and reassemble for use ?


    ipad 2

    its just a overpriced heep of junk in my opinion sorry but honestly i see no need for a tablet computer im perfectly happy with my desktop. i see no need for tablets

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