back to article Fanboi rumor mill dances for iPad 2 iPad 3

The iPad 2 – or whatever Jobs & Co choose to call it – is almost certain to be unveiled on Wednesday, judging from the not-so-subtle graphic used in the invitation for the roll-out event to be held in San Francisco. And already the buzzosphere is a-buzzing about the iPad 3 and an expanded MobileMe. iPad 2 roll-out event …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo


    "See how easy it is to join the rumor-starting club?"

    You don't join the club by calling all the members Fanboi and messing with the second coming. At best this is more a wannebe.

    These are rookie mistakes probably made to drive up traffic cause them boi's need some tough love!

  2. Anonymous Coward


    That is all.

  3. Annihilator Silver badge

    Optional white case

    Available in 4 weeks time. Or 8 months time. Or never. But please keep drinking the kool aid while we match whites...

    It's hardly amazing that the next revision will be a "slightly better" iPad. The development style for Apple seems to be similar to Intel's "tick/tock" strategy - massive leap, minor tweak, massive leap etc.

    1. ian 22


      I'm not yet part of the Apple ecosystem, but I do expect to purchase an iPad one day. As I have neither the dosh nor the interest in buying each new (or even every other new ) version of the forbidden fruit, likely I'll buy only the ones with prime numbered versions. As I age, the interval between purchases will increase nicely.

  4. Steve Hodson

    Underwhelming if true...

    Don't really need an iPad 1.5...this is the version they could have released as version 1 but even the current iPad was so far ahead of the game, there was no real pressure too.

    Sucks, coz I really want an armchair device and the iPad fits the bill.

  5. Gadget
    Thumb Down

    For the love of god....

    Can the Reg please ditch the constant use of the term 'Fanboi'?

    I'm no great fan of Apple products but the constant, irritating whine coming from Reg pieces about the company is getting ridiculous.

    Ok, you dislike Apple and those who like their products, WE GET IT, now quit acting like petulant children, it's tiresome.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: For the love of god....

      The author is a Mac aficionado, who has edited two Mac magazines. This makes him an Apple fan, not a fanboi, which is something else.

      So no, we don't dislike Apple or their products or the people who use them ... most of 'em, anyway.


    But if they replace the 30-pin proprietary port with a thunderbolt...

    How do you fscking sync it with a PC? Or hook it up to a TV?

    Will Apple bundle a free PCIe Thunderbolt card with every purchase? Or finally offer bluetooth/WiFi sync?

    I'm quite happy with my first-gen fondleslab as is tho.

    1. Annihilator Silver badge

      Would be both

      Not that I think it would happen, but remember when the dock connector was both USB and Firewire? No reason they can't have a USB/Thunderbolt connector.

      In fact, my first Windows iPod (back when they differentiated), I had to buy a PCI Firewire card to use it.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    there is a rumour going around you have a...

    12 inch item, i know i started it...

    Dont listen to them and you wont be disappointed when it turns out it doesnt exist.

    Fail because rumours generally do.

  8. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    iPad3 discussion already?

    See now this is why we're only 37% down our potential evolutionary path!

    Relax a little, at least let Lord Jobs get this one on the shelves before you start on about the next one!

  9. Greg J Preece

    I can believe...

    ...all the rumours that suggest the hardware will be brought up to current iPhone standards. That just makes sense. But carbon fibre? High DPI display? Not sure about those. Such additions would cut into their massive profit margins, and it's not like they can price the iPad any higher and keep a straight face.

  10. Sartori

    Still waiting....

    As much as I can't stand Apple, they have a great UI for the tablet format, I'm just waiting for something to come along which has a slick UI experience without all the Apple lock in.

    Not sure where that is going to come from though. I love my Android 2.3 phone but is Honeycomb good enough for a rival tablet experience? Not so much from what I have seen so far. WebOS or RIM's Playbook perhaps? Hmm, guess I'll have to wait and see.

  11. Steve ten Have

    what does it matter...

    ...if it has the same naff locked down anal control freak OS?

    Honestly it's time for tablets to stop aspiring to being glorified web browsers (broken ones if using the Apple OS) and heavy book substitutes. The problem with the iPad OS is that it is going to be a larger format phone because of the way that the Apple market infrastructure has been created.

    Android Honeycomb - probably not going to be massively impressive initially but it does have the advantage of being solely designed for the tablet format and better yet there is already a very large modding community that have already cut their teeth on the Smart Phone format. We have already seen the Modoco team do wonders with the Vega tablet, turning it into a really slick tool for a 3rd of the price of an iPad.

    iPad is beautiful, the UI is beautiful and undeniably the perfect intuitive interface but there comes a time when form starts to limit/damage function and I firmly believe that Apple is well on it's way to designing themselves into a dumbed down limited corner.

    It's a shame because they are seriously ahead of the game when it comes to hardware - simply stunning design ethos that EVERY other hardware manufacturer could learn from... in my opinion of course.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Ha Ha

    Apple dont miss a trick do they...

    First there was the iPhone then the iPhone version two came so quick apple were deemed to be punishing the early adopters.. so now they hold iPad version 2 and push iPad version 3 hot on its heels instead. this means they are not punishing the early adopters but instead the second wave adopters.. which after being stung on the phones many first adopters are now second adopters, and are about to be stung again... Ha Ha...They wont sting me! ever.

  13. Wang N Staines


    This rumour should keep them happy for awhile.

  14. Rupert Stubbs

    Retina display observations

    First, the term Retina Display has no real meaning, so it can mean whatever Apple says it means (cf. Humpty Dumpty). And iPad will be held significantly further away from one's eyes that a smaller iPhone, so in practice doubling the resolution both ways will result in an effectively pixel-less display.

    Second, I suspect that Apple will be redefining this term to mean "double the number of pixels from a standard display", as this seems to be the way they are going for future displays, rather than full vector resolution-independence (far trickier for developers).

    1. Bob Kentridge

      retina display

      Didn't they rather imply that it meant a display at the resolution limit of the human visual system? This is somewhere around 35-40 cycles per degree for near optimal stimuli [1], so, for a comfortable reading distance, a 264dpi display would still be pretty much there.


      [1] Smallman, H.S.; MacLeod, D.I.A.; He, S. & Kentridge, R.W. (1996) The fine grain of the neural representation of human spatial vision. Journal of Neuroscience 16, 1848-1865.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    I predict

    A riot.

  16. Mark .

    Re: For the love of god....

    Despite the apparent negative comment about fans, the Register are still giving overwhelming coverage to Apple's vaporware and rumourware ("What's that you say? The iPad 2 will be followed by the iPad 3, and it'll have slightly better specs? Groundbreaking news!"). Not that bad, I'd say.

    And they poke fun at all companies. Look at their childish "terrible stink of failure" comment on Nokia that's been front page for the last week or so - despite Nokia being the number one most successful mobile and smartphone company.

    Personally I'm more interested in running a real OS like Windows or Linux, not one designed for a phone; and having a real keyboard to type on. Though I do wish netbooks would start increasing the screen resolution too.

    I don't know why Apple are trying to hype a high resolution - for years, the Iphone had a lower resolution; my old Nokia 5800 has a higher resolution that the Iphones of that time. But no one seemed to criticise the Iphone then, or think resolution was important.

  17. Rolf Howarth


    2014 model year iPad predicted to have better specs than 2013 model year!!

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